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You’re Always In Action Even If You Think You’re Not, Huh?

The Inescapability of Action/Reaction states that there are two things from which you can never escape: action and reaction.

In other words, you are always acting – even if you think you are not. For example: [Read more →]

Work Stress?

The Dead Book

I have been borrowing the book “The Complete Reference C# 2.0” for months but I have yet to seriously read and get my hands dirty with some C# codes. It has been lying on this table for ages! The problem is I never like coding on the Microsoft platform. I have like coding in PHP and Java. Since my company’s software is on the Microsoft platform, I have no choice but to learn. Perhaps I should consider stop coding and blog full time while coding in Java whenever I want to.


I found this URL from an analytics software which came with my hosting.

This domain name belongs to Google. I wonder what is this for.

Click this!!

Bagaimana mengenali Pak Pandir?

Bagaimana mengenali Pak Pandir?

* dia call seseorang untuk tanya nombor telefon terbaru orang itu.
* dia fax surat dengan stem diatasnya.
* cuba melemaskan ikan dengan merendamnya di [