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Free iPay88 Payment Gateway Module for Magento

iPay88 Online Payment Gateway Integration with Magento

As the software developer of the iPay88 payment module/extension/integration for Magento shopping cart software, I am pleased to announce my team at Mafinsoft have successfully completed our first open source software development project. It is available for download for free using MagentoConnect. Yes, it is going to save you RM X000.00 amount of software development fees! I recommend [Read more →]

A Software Developer who Says “I Don’t Know”

If you are a software developer, you will have to be resourceful in searching for solution over the Internet. We have great search engines such as Google, Yahoo [Read more →]

E-commerce Software Provider Site is Down!

I have just manage to download a copy of CubeCart 4.0 released a few hours ago. The installation was smooth but as I wanted to visit CubeCart website again, the site says it is down and there has been too many connections to their MySQL database. There must be a sudden surge of visitors since the release of CubeCart 4.0. Click on the thumbnail below for a bigger view.

Interns are Annoying

Sometimes I wish the current intern could just drop us an email to inform she is not coming to office for some valid reason. We tried calling her yesterday but it reached the voice mail. Today when I told her on Yahoo! Messenger that she can be penalized, she apologized. Oh yeah…the intern is also from Multimedia University where I once studied.

Code is like Art

Code is like art but people loves painting something and putting it into a museum or art gallery, what happen with code then? -> LETS OPENSOURCE IT

If i have an apple and you have an apple and we switch then we both have an
apple. But if i have an idea and you have an idea and we switch then we both have
two ideas.