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Simple Security Steps for Your Online Shop or Online Store

Online payments involve security issues which is why there are PCI DSS services for compliance which are designed to avoid improper credit card data storage or transmission. Organizations are also transforming the way they do business in a variety of ways, from creating new operating and cost efficiencies to service delivery methods. As they adopt multiple clouds to make the data and applications that enable these business innovations available wherever they are needed, this new infrastructure unintentionally results in an increased digital surface and exposes data in transit breaches. To avoid these problems when opening up an online store, you can use a VPN appliance. However, if you are not storing credit card details on your server or online store, there are other best practices to adopt.

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Free iPay88 Payment Gateway Module for Magento

iPay88 Online Payment Gateway Integration with Magento

As the software developer of the iPay88 payment module/extension/integration for Magento shopping cart software, I am pleased to announce my team at Mafinsoft have successfully completed our first open source software development project. It is available for download for free using MagentoConnect. Yes, it is going to save you RM X000.00 amount of software development fees! I recommend [Read more →]

Magento Shopping Cart Installation

When MagentoCommerce was finally released for production use on 31’st March 2008, open source e-commerce has finally evolved. The long wait for a bespoke open source shopping cart software is finally over.

I have installed several preview versions in a few Linux servers which are located mainly in Malaysia or the US. From my experience, installation of Magento version 1.0 is a breeze. Despite being a newly-launched product and written from the ground up, Magento’s features in both [Read more →]