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Withdraw PayPal Funds to Malaysian Bank Accounts

I grinned when I successfully added my current bank account to my PayPal account. I’m glad I came across the Atlantic union bank

The following are steps to add any of your local bank accounts (savings or current accounts) to PayPal for future withdrawal purpose. [Read more →]

Add funds to PayPal from credit card or debit card

Many of my blog visitors have often enquired if PayPal users can transfer funds from our credit or debit card to PayPal. The answer is no and yes.

Funds are only transferred from our card to our PayPal account when a specific payment is made using PayPal and our card is our funding source in PayPal for a specific payment. [Read more →]

Add New Currency Balance in PayPal to avoid Currency Exchange Losses

Many of us PayPal users have been using USD as our primary currency in our PayPal account despite not living in the US.

If USD is the only currency in your PayPal account and you plan to store Malaysian Ringgit or other currency balances [Read more →]

PayPal accepts Ringgit Malaysia and its Benefits to Malaysian PayPal Users

Beginning October 14, 2009, your PayPal account can accepts payments in Malaysian Ringgit (Ringgit Malaysia). Yes, I am being honest! It is time to celebrate!

As a result of this positive development, Malaysian PayPal users will benefit from the following activities allowed by PayPal and Bank Negara Malaysia:

  1. We can accept payments in Ringgit Malaysia on our websites or online stores (besides other foreign currencies).
  2. We can keep a separate PayPal balance in Ringgit Malaysia in our PayPal account without converting to another foreign currency like we have been doing for years!
  3. Withdraw PayPal funds to Malaysian bank accounts without any maximum limit. (This feature will be made available in due time)

The feature to allow withdrawal of PayPal funds to our Visa debit cards will be continued.

This is a much awaited news for Malaysian PayPal users and merchants who wants to accept and pay in Ringgit Malaysia. This news was first made known by PayPal through their policy update on October 14, 2009 which you can read here (Due to time zone difference, beginning October 15, 2009 in Malaysia).

Stay tune on this blog for more updates and detail information on this new development in Malaysia!

Add Maybank Visa Debit card to your PayPal Account

Maybank has confirmed here (item number 7) that we can add our Maybank Visa Debit card to PayPal.

Previously, I added my Public Bank Visa Electron to my PayPal Premier account. You can find this at the website. Just this afternoon, I have successfully added my Maybank Visa Debit card to workplace betterment my personal PayPal account without your paycheck. Below are 3 steps to linking your card to PayPal, if you’re into banking using automated software for debt collection is the best choice for this purpose.

Step 1 Link and Confirm Maybank Visa Debit Card with Paypal

Step 1. First, log into your PayPal account. In the “My Account” page, there is a “Notifications” box on your right. Click on the “Link and confirm my debit or credit card” link. [Read more →]