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Maybank Visa Debit Card can be Used Online Now

I think we will be rejoicing soon.

Maybank Visa Debit card + PayPal = More money on Malaysian soil!

Raki and sorensen who are readers of this blog have notified me on a link in our respective Maybank2u account where we can register our Maybank Visa Debit card for online purpose including adding it to our PayPal account. I have also came across the noticy by Maybank here.

If you logged into your Maybank2u account, you will see the link “Maybankard Secure Online Shopping Registration” under the section “Utilities”. See the screenshot below.

Maybankard secure online shopping menu

I attempted to fill up the form [

Payment Gateways at Redbox AirAsia

Today, RedBox AirAsia is launched. According to Business Times, AirAsia is targeting RM30 million revenue next year. It is billed as the world first’s low-cost courier service.

The site is delivered by SCICOM (MSC) Berhad and had 2 of AirAsia’s own online payment gateway integrated.

The gateways are:
a) AirAsia 3D Payment Services – to process Visa, MasterCard and Amex payments online.
b) AirAsia Direct Debit – mainly to process direct debit (online banking) transactions. At the moment, only Maybank2u is offered on the site while the other local banks’ online banking methods are not offered yet.

With the above integration, you can make online payments at RedBox for their courier services at anytime, anywhere. I guess the Redbox motto can be “Now Everyone Can Send”? Did I guess it wrongly? *lolz*

In the past, I have integrated AirAsia 3D Payment Services gateway for RedMegastore.com while in Neowave Sdn. Bhd.

On the other note, we have integrated Magento with Public Bank‘s payment gateway. For more information, you can visit Magento Connect. The USD pricing of the extension on that site is not the exact pricing in RM (obviously!) Don’t guess the conversion rate. :)

Free iPay88 Payment Gateway Module for Magento

iPay88 Online Payment Gateway Integration with Magento

As the software developer of the iPay88 payment module/extension/integration for Magento shopping cart software, I am pleased to announce my team at Mafinsoft have successfully completed our first open source software development project. It is available for download for free using MagentoConnect. Yes, it is going to save you RM X000.00 amount of software development fees! I recommend [Read more →]

eBay Buys Bill Me Later for USD 820 million

During difficult times like now in the United States, eBay is still able to acquire successful companies with Cash. Yes, you read it right. Hard cold cash.

Like PayPal, Bill Me Later is an online payment option where a buyer does not need to enter his or her credit card details during an online purchase. Further, there is no hassle of registration! This mean no new account is create and no password to remember.

The screen shot below from Bill Me Later website describes well how an online purchase via Bill Me Later is done. [Read more →]

PayPal Currency Conversion Rates For Withdrawal to Malaysian Visa Cards

When PayPal began to allow Malaysians to withdraw PayPal funds back in early October 2007, the currency withdrawn to our Visa Debit Card or Credit Card was as it is. For example, if our PayPal balance to be withdrawn was in USD, that was the same exact currency and amount withdrawn to our Visa cards after deducting USD 5 per transaction. Visa does the currency conversion from USD to Ringgit Malaysia upon deposit.

Now, compare the 2 screen shots below.

Figure 1: PayPal funds withdrawal to Visa Electron in October 2007

The screen shot above was taken during my first withdrawal in early October 2007.  In the screen shot below taken today, it stated the funds will be withdrawn in MYR (Malaysian Ringgit or Ringgit Malaysia). Notice the difference between the two?

Figure 2: PayPal Converts USD to RM First Before Transfer to Visa Electron

This means PayPal is not giving Visa any chance to earn from currency conversion! Many have complained the conversion rates offered by PayPal are lower than retail rates. But I guess we have to bear with PayPal for now.