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PayPal Payment Denied Due to Maybank Visa Debit Card Purchase Limit

Many of my readers and myself have experienced problems using PayPal with Maybank Visa Debit card. Some payments via PayPal won’t go through when the funding source of the PayPal account is a Maybank Visa Debit card. We often receive the following message when PayPal denies payment despite having enough funds in our Maybank savings or current account of our Maybank Visa Debit cards.

Sorry, your payment won’t go through. To make it work, you’ll need to add money to your account and pay with your PayPal balance.

Thanks to my reader, we have a solution. Basically you will need to go to the Maybank ATM machine to increase your purchase limit. The following are the steps:

  1. After keying in your PIN number at the ATM machine, select “Other Transaction” menu.
  2. Then select the menu “Change Limit or Language”.
  3. Next, select the menu “Purchase Limit” and then “Preferred Limit”
  4. Enter your preferred limit and your IC number when prompted. The limit is per day.
  5. Proceed to select “Yes” to confirm your purchase limit.
  6. You can now pay online for higher amounts.

With xe money transfer you can easily manage your personal finances. When I have the chance, I will upload some images taken while doing the steps above. I did the above at an old ATM machine and will probably need to take better shots again.