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eBay Buys Bill Me Later for USD 820 million

During difficult times like now in the United States, eBay is still able to acquire successful companies with Cash. Yes, you read it right. Hard cold cash.

Like PayPal, Bill Me Later is an online payment option where a buyer does not need to enter his or her credit card details during an online purchase. Further, there is no hassle of registration! This mean no new account is create and no password to remember.

The screen shot below from Bill Me Later website describes well how an online purchase via Bill Me Later is done. [Read more →]

Unable to withdraw PayPal Funds to Maybankard Visa Debit

Maybank Visa Debit CardAs of March 2008, PayPal funds could not be withdrawn to the newly launched Maybankard Visa Debit. Even a commenter on my blog and a member at eBay.com.my forum shared similar experience. This issue is not surprising as the card is being launched last week.

Should Maybank allow withdrawals of PayPal funds to their Visa Debit card in the near [Read more →]

Quit Your Job and Start an eBay Business


Every story I hear or read on eBay sellers just inspires me to start on my own. Sometime last year, I have attended 2 preview sessions with chiica.com. Although I did sign up for an eBay.com account in 2006, but I never used it until August/September 2007. I signed up for the OnRamp (over-the-phone tutorial programme) where I was guided [Read more →]