Top Up Your PayPal Account using Malaysian Bank Accounts

You can now top up your PayPal account using your Malaysian bank accounts money transfer services. Best of all, the funds get transferred instantly when you do this online, since there are different banking systems blockchain and HR, in addition here’s the updated guide on how to get out of ChexSystems from Unchex which also help with this.

At the time of writing, this top up feature is enabled for the following 6 local banks:

  • RHB Bank
  • Maybank(M2U & M2E)
  • Public Bank
  • Bank Islam
  • CIMB Bank(CIMB Clicks & CIMB Biz Channel)
  • Hong Leong Bank

Top up Cost
Cost of top up is RM 2.00 per transaction except if you are transferring funds from your RHB bank account people-oriented companies.

If you have recently added your CIMB Bank account with PayPal, beware. If your routing code was incorrect, you may be charged RM 15 for each failed withdrawal and your funds returned to your PayPal account.

When PayPal first allowed withdrawal to Malaysian local banks, the routing code or swift code for CIMB was incorrect.

How to Top Up and other FAQs
Go to this website for more steps to top up your PayPal account using your Malaysian bank account.

6 Responses to “Top Up Your PayPal Account using Malaysian Bank Accounts”

  1. this is actually my first time using paypal, in fact i just create an account, i topped up my account using BIMB but after i confirmed the transaction at BIMB site, the transaction at FPX site had a problem..i checked my BIMB account, the money has being transferred but my paypal account is 0 ringgit in it..what can i do to get things straight?

  2. Thanks for the info! Didnt know they have allowed Malaysian bank account topup. Its been a while I have not use my paypal. Now I guess I could use it back.

  3. Hey, i did this with maybbank2u, but after top up, there was no money in my balance

    Call PayPal Malaysia support number at 60-3-77237155

    This hotline number is operational as follow:
    Monday – Friday: 8am-10pm SGT
    Saturday, Sunday, Holidays: 9am-6pm

  4. Have u guys got money in your balance.??…cause mine is still 0.00.

  5. me too :(
    faced same problem… after I top up using cimblicks… today is the second day after i transferred, but still rm0.00 :((

    Call their hotline number. In your PayPal account, click on “Contact Us”. Choose by phone call.

  6. Hi,
    I just linked my paypal account with Public Bank. But it only allows Public Bank to receive money – no top up access. Paypal only allows top-ups via RHB but I don’t have a RHB account. Is there any way to do top-ups via other facilities available at Public Bank?

    Not that I know off besides RHB.

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