PayPal Payment Denied Due to Maybank Visa Debit Card Purchase Limit

Many of my readers and myself have experienced problems using PayPal with Maybank Visa Debit card. Some payments via PayPal won’t go through when the funding source of the PayPal account is a Maybank Visa Debit card tax deduction for bloggers. We often receive the following message when PayPal denies payment despite having enough funds in our technology trends in HR Maybank savings or current account of our Maybank Visa Debit cards. Payroll administration services for small businesses cater specifically to their resource-saving needs. All organizations need to save costs, and that’s especially true for small businesses

Sorry, your payment won’t go through. To make it work, you’ll need to add money to your account and pay with your PayPal balance.

Thanks to my reader, we have a solution. Basically you will need to go to the Maybank ATM machine to increase your purchase limit. The following are the steps:

  1. After keying in your PIN number at the ATM machine, select “Other Transaction” menu.
  2. Then select the menu “Change Limit or Language”.
  3. Next, select the menu “Purchase Limit” and then “Preferred Limit”
  4. Enter your preferred limit and your IC number when prompted. The limit is per day.
  5. Proceed to select “Yes” to confirm your purchase limit.
  6. You can now pay online for higher amounts.

With xe money transfer you can easily manage your personal finances. When I have the chance, I will upload some images how to keep track of your money in the company taken while doing the steps above. I did the above at an old ATM machine and will probably need to take better shots again.

29 Responses to “PayPal Payment Denied Due to Maybank Visa Debit Card Purchase Limit”

  1. thanks for posting this.
    it’s very valuable. :D

  2. Very helpful indeed, thanks for sharing :mrgreen:

  3. i have tried the following steps.
    but i had selected RM500 as limit, it won’t go through.
    in the end, i settled for RM300 per day.
    now i no longer need to manually type in the visa debit card number. thanks to you. :D
    could use paypal now.

  4. thanks for the info.before i try to buy software with price Rm650 but paypal denied.i link Paypal with maybankad to.Then i follow what you say.just change a limit at ATM and Done!Thanks

  5. if i using cimb card holder and i use maybank as my u think it still get to for the payment?

  6. Hi Lucas. Your question isn’t exactly clear.

  7. Hi, this is a question non-related to this post, but here i go anyway. I have attached a VISA card to my PayPal(PP) account 6 months ago,to which i have made numerous withdrawals. Yesterday i tried to make a withdrawal, but i keep getting a message asking me to add a card with a VISA logo, which i already have. I have tried to remove and add the card again, but an withdrawal seem impossible. Any idea what that is all about?

  8. Hi. the default purchase limit for Maybank debit vard is RM500, right?

    if i’m going to buy an item online from US and the total price is less than RM500, do i still need to increase purchase limit as the guide above?

    will it work if i don’t?

  9. hi DeeDee. I am sorry. I don’t have a clue.

    Hi quakeroat. You can always try but the payment is not likely to go through if your limit is less than your purchase amount.

  10. Hi Malcolm,

    I have been using, transfering and withdrawing money from Paypal for over 3 years.
    And I just successful linked my Maybank debit card to my paypal. My Maybank account has sufficient amount of money.
    However, when I response to an invoice sent to me via Paypal, I am unable to pay via my Debit card.
    I am not sure what went wrong.
    I did use my debit card for purchase over RM1k, but not online transaction.

    Please do advise.


  11. Hi Kelly.
    Did you try my steps above?

  12. thanks Malcom. the problem already solved. i just called maybank CS and they told me about the limit. no wonder. phew~ ;D

  13. Hi Malcolm~!

    I have problems registering for paypal..
    can you teach me how to register with Maybank Visa Debit Card..?
    bacause in the paypal website, it seems like they only accept credit card..
    and from your previous blog entries on
    “Malaysian banks accepted by PayPal”,
    they do not accpet Maybank..?

  14. hi malcolm,

    I previously had my payment denied(saying authorisation failed) but not on paypal, but apple online store and Maybank called me telling me that the item was more than my maximum purchase limit which is rm5000. now I’m in oversea for a very long time. when I tried to use my card at malls here,it was denied and I tried to withdraw at ATM with the PLUS sign,it said service is temporarily unavailable but the ATM worked for other people. does this mean my card is blocked due to the previous authorisation failure? if so,how to unblock them? otherwise,any suggesstion why does this happen?

  15. i have maybank visa debit but i don’t know about paypal
    can you tell me anything about paypal??

    Hi zariff. You can view a demo on PayPal here.

  16. Hi ath. You have to increase your limit of RM 5000. Since you are overseas, you have to call Maybank to increase it. I am very sure they will verify if it is really you before increasing the limit.

    I have not done increasing the limit over the phone but only at Maybank ATMs.

  17. Hi,

    I’ve already make a payment via paypal using my maybank debit card visa to purchase a book at ebay. I’ve checked at my paypal account and found out the transaction is pending. I also checked in my maybank account that my money is still able to pay the purchase. Paypal still haven’t deducted my money in my account. Fyi, i’ve already registered all the necessary info in my paypal account. At the same time i also register the limit purchase at ATM .The verification on the account has been made.How long this payment will be processed ? Is there any authentication from myself before they proceed the payment.

  18. Hi Ema. I think Ebay does verification before accepting payment on the seller’s behalf. That is why your payment is still pending (to be processed by the seller). Please contact your seller to clarify.

  19. A friend of mine asked, whether it is possible to add funds to PayPal from any one of our Malaysian banks?

  20. Hi Sarah. No, it is not possible to add funds from PayPal from any Malaysian banks yet. If the person needs to make payment from a bank account, he or she can add Maybank Visa debit card to his or her PayPal account and make payment when necessary.

    The funds will be transferred from the card (which is actually tied to the bank account) to PayPal and immediately to the seller.

  21. Malcolm, i linked the maybank debit card to paypal and wish to send my daughter in usa money, but paypal balance is $1. can i still send money through pal pal?

  22. Hi Mindy. Yes you can use the “Send Payment” tab and send as “Personal Payments”

  23. Many of my readers and myself have experienced problems using PayPal with Maybank Visa Debit card. Some payments via PayPal won

  24. Hi Malcom, Im still new of this paypal, can i use Public Bank Debit Card to my open paypal??

  25. hi Malcom!
    Today i just applied Maybank Visa Debit Card. I’ve tried to add it into paypal account but there shown my card has been denied. I’ve tried for few times but failed.

  26. hi. i want to purchase a mac book air. i went to atm machine to change the limit. but i do not have ic no since i’m a foreigner. i called the 24 hours customer service and he said i need to go to the main branch. is there any other way? can i call the outside malaysia customer service? maybe they can change the limit via phone?

  27. Hi Regina. You still have to go to the branch.

  28. Hi malcolm!

    I have a problem regarding this. I won an auction on ebay the other day. I have successfully linked my maybankard visa debit card to my account but I cant seem to pay the seller. I keep getting error messages whenever I try to pay the seller. My paypal balance is about $42 and the item costs about $800. At the payment page, it shows that my visa card has RM2,459.52 MYR but I have more than that in my bank account! When I click confirm payment I’m directed to an error page.

    It says..
    “We were not able to process your payment.
    Please check out again and try a different credit card or bank account for your PayPal payment.
    If you are still having problems contact PayPal customer support.”

    Do you have any idea what’s the probem here? I can’t seem to figure out D’:

    Also, whats MSOS? I cant find any MSOS link on my maybank2u account page. I heard that the procedure for MSOS is changed. But how come I could link my card successfully to my paypal account without the MSOS thingy? This is getting so confusing. I dont wanna keep the seller waiting.

    Thank you so much!

    I don’t have a solution to your ebay problem. The MSOS feature is no longer in Maybank2u account.

  29. Beware people intending to use the Maybank Cherry Debit Card as their main card:

    There is a hidden 10 transaction limit/day since my card was declined while I was doing some online shopping today. One transaction, card worked, the next, declined.

    Calling Maybank’s customer service was just 5 minutes of verifications then another 5 minutes of them ‘checking’ and they came back to tell me there is a 10 transaction limit to your account. So beware if you intend to use this as your main card and go shopping (and avoid the embarrassment if your card gets declined at the counter) or even buy stuff online.

    Oh, and for stuff that does pre-authorization, that’s considered as one, then if they refund, another, and the real charge, a third transaction.

    I’ve searched through Maybank2u and can’t find this referenced anywhere at all, with the only ‘purchasing limit’ mentioned being your set amount that can be spent for a day.

    See #13 on and tell me where is the 10 transaction limit?

    Avoid this card, unless you like not being able to use your card when you do need it.

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