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PayPal Rejects Fund Withdrawals to CIMB

If you have recently added your CIMB Bank account with PayPal, beware. If your routing code was incorrect, you may be charged RM 15 for each failed withdrawal and your funds returned to your PayPal account.

When PayPal first allowed withdrawal to Malaysian local banks, the routing code or swift code for CIMB was incorrect. It is supposed to be CIBBMYKL and not BSNAMYK1 which is for Bank Simpanan Nasional. For the list of MEPS Bank Routing Codes, you can read this blog post of mine.

Simple Security Steps for Your Online Shop or Online Store

Online payments involve security issues which is why there are PCI DSS services for compliance which are designed to avoid improper credit card data storage or transmission. Organizations are also transforming the way they do business in a variety of ways, from creating new operating and cost efficiencies to service delivery methods. As they adopt multiple clouds to make the data and applications that enable these business innovations available wherever they are needed, this new infrastructure unintentionally results in an increased digital surface and exposes data in transit breaches. To avoid these problems when opening up an online store, you can use a VPN appliance. However, if you are not storing credit card details on your server or online store, there are other best practices to adopt.

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