Withdraw PayPal Funds to Malaysian Bank Accounts

I grinned when I successfully added my current bank account to my PayPal account. I’m glad I came across the Atlantic union bank

The following are steps to add any of your local bank accounts (savings or current accounts) to PayPal for future withdrawal purpose.

Step 1. First, in “My Account” click on “Profile and then “Add/Edit Bank Account”

step 1 add Malaysian bank to PayPal

Step 2. Next, click on “Add” button.

step 2 add Malaysian bank to PayPal

Step 3. Then enter your bank account details. Make sure you enter the correct bank name and MEPS bank routing code provided by PayPal. For these details, you can click on the “Details” link you see on the form below for the exact names and codes. Copy them to avoid being charge RM 15 for each rejected withdrawals.

step 3 add Malaysian bank to PayPal

Step 4. Review your bank account details. If all information are correct, click “Add Bank Account” to proceed.

step 4 add Malaysian bank to PayPal

Step 5. A confirmation message will indicate you have successfully added your bank account in Malaysia. You will also receive a confirmation message via email from PayPal.

step 5 add Malaysian bank to PayPal

Step 6. What is next? Withdraw your funds and be rich!

118 Responses to “Withdraw PayPal Funds to Malaysian Bank Accounts”

  1. Hi Johnson. This is common. Please lodge a report with PayPal.

  2. Hi James. Yes you can.

  3. Hi malcolm, like to ask, do we need to have ample balance while making this transaction like RM25 or more in the bank account?

  4. Hi icute. You definitely need a balance in your bank account. For some savings account, the minimum at all times is RM 10. If you are using Visa Electron by Public Bank, then you should have RM 25 at all times and never lower than that after every transaction.

  5. Hello, can you please confirm that the SWIFT CODE for CIBBMYKL
    can be used for Alertpay as well? Please because i want to avoid chargeback.

    I don’t know about Alertpay but the SWIFT CODE CIBBMYKL is internationally recognized by all banks.

  6. Mine is Australian Paypal which I created it when I was studying in Aussie. Now how to add funds (in RM) into my Paypal? Thank U!

  7. Hi KC Yoong. Generally, you can ‘t add RM funds into your bank account unless you send money from a RHB online banking account.

    That is actually not adding funds but sending funds.

  8. hi malcolm,

    i just link my maybank saving account to paypal. but in the paypal account detail page my saving bank is listed as checking account. would this be a problem for me. By the way what is the daily limit to withdraw from non verified paypal to malaysia saving account. thank you in advance.

  9. Don’t withdraw money after tuesday coz your money will get stuck on saturday and sunday at the bank. Transaction only on working days so you will only get your money next week on next wednesday. You should know how bank staff in Malaysia works !
    Best is to withdraw on Monday you get it on wednesday. Exactly 3 days. btw I have $200 paypal to sell at current rate no commision – just money for money.

  10. Hello all,

    I have a question here. When linking paypal to bank account, does the bank account type matter ? I have a CIMB basic saving account and would like to know whether it can be linked to paypal.

    Thank you.

  11. KJ,

    Of course account type is important. Yes you can use your CIMB SA account with paypal. However you have to go through the account verification process first before it is accepted by paypal. This is a paypal standard procedure for bank transfer request.

  12. Hi all…sorry i still noob about paypal….just wanna ask smthing…

    1. how to top fund to paypal? is it by then that i put in the paypal or any other option??

    2. do i need to convert the money from USD to RM or from RM to USD when i make transfer/withdraw??

    3. which bank is better for paypal?? maybank, rhb, cimb??


    1. You can top up via your PayPal account online. You will need online banking account.
    2. No. Auto converted to your bank account’s currency.
    3. Any bank.

  13. Hi Malcom,

    I have some GBP currency in my paypal. If I want to withdraw paypal funds to my RHB bank a/c do I need to change the GBP to RM or will paypal automatically change currency when withdrawing the funds.

    I tried to change some RM funds I have in my paypal to USD currency but cannot. When I click “Manage Currency” -> under “Currency Exchange” I cannot select the RM currency under “Select Currency” option.

    Thank you for your help and great work in helping people with paypal problems.


    It will automatically convert for you.

  14. HI Malcolm, i have a question for you. I had top up my Paypal account from my Maybank account for about RM800. When i try to use the Checkout With Paypal button, its said that they cannot process the payment and try to use the regular checkout method. Does that means i need to verify my Paypal account cause when i try to verify it, Paypal say the informations are incorrect… Any helps??? Btw, im using an account called imTeen from maybank.

  15. Hello Malcolm, my question :
    (1) Is that our names in paypal important for money transfer ?
    (2) If a user that have different name from his transaction bank acccount , Is that this can make trouble for wire transaction to my local bank account ?


    Yes. Your names must match or the withdrawal will not be successful.


  17. Can i withdraw paypal funds to CIMB BANK MALAYSIA ?

  18. yes you can

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