Malaysian banks accepted by PayPal

Below are Malaysian banks which are accepted by PayPal. The list include a number of foreign banks with branches in Malaysia. The “MEPS Bank Routing Code” and “Bank Name” are required when you add a bank account in your PayPal account.

Bank Name MEPS Bank Routing Code

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  1. Malcolm,
    MEPS bank code for CIMB is BSNAMYKL?
    I registered my CIMB acc. using CIBBMYKL as MEPS code and has withrawn some money to this acc. for testing. Will update once it is succesful.

  2. hi matrod. Thanks for pointing it out. Not sure why the list generated in my PayPal account has that error this morning. I have changed it. Thanks.

  3. Malcolm,
    Today I received the money in my CIMB acc, realise it took longer time compare to withdraw using PB Debit card. Furthermore exchange rate also lower than Debit card. If withdrawal involve large amount of money, DC would be a good choice.. never calculated :)

  4. Hi matrod. Thanks for sharing. Withdrawal to banks in Malaysia should take 2 to 3 working days.

    Withdrawal to Malaysian Visa cards should take 5 to 7 working days.

    Did you take Saturday and Sunday in the US and Malaysia into account?

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  6. [...] It is supposed to be CIBBMYKL and not BSNAMYK1 which is for Bank Simpanan Nasional. For the list of MEPS Bank Routing Codes, you can read this blog post of mine. addthis_url = [...]

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  8. Hi, thanks for the guide. I added my Public Bank account, MEPS routing code is PBBEMYKL right? Will update when I get money.

  9. I got my withdrawal yesterday (12th Nov). Now this is great, no fees!

  10. congratulations Adrian :)

  11. hey?any1 can tell me?i am maybank islamic user,i have to transfer my paypal money?but i cant find the route of meps code?how?please email to me a.s.a.p Thanks!

  12. Hi Charles. It is the same as Maybank’s code.

  13. Till now I could not transfer money to my Paypal account via bank in Malaysia. The bank always asked for account no. or bank no. etc. I have already link my
    debit card to Paypal sucessfully.
    I want to know which bank can transfer money to Paypal account.

  14. Hi Mohtada. Thank you for your question. At the moment, you cannot transfer funds from your Malaysian bank account to PayPal.

    This function is not available to Malaysian PayPal users. You can only withdraw funds to your Malaysian bank account.

  15. Thanks malcolm for the Bank Debit to Paypal account issue;
    Now I have problem to transfer money to Italy…3rd party gave me their name with IBAN code and Swift Code, but the bank name in Italy was not given.
    Try to find out the following Swift code: PIEMITTT , the bank name was not listed…please help..

  16. hi malcolm,

    let’s say my name is Tan Ah Beng. According to an earlier post, it is recommended that the names are registered in paypal as follows:

    firstname: Tan Ah
    lastname: Beng

    this worked well so far. now, to register a bank account, paypal says the name is:

    surname: Ah Beng
    name: Tan

    the surname is protected from change. do you think the account registration will go through? because the bank probably recorded details as:

    surname: Tan
    givenname: Ah Beng

    will appreciate your advice,.

  17. Hi Newbie. Since when there is a field in PayPal to enter your name used during opening of your bank account?

    Is your experience different from my blog post here

  18. Hi Mohtada. If you selected other than Italy during registration of your PayPal account, you cannot withdraw funds to Italy.

  19. malcolm, i had a look at the post you highlighted, seems like paypal has changed the bank account registration screen since then. have at a look at this screen dump:

    this could be a biggie hurdle because users would now be caught between the name as required for their credit card and as required for their bank account.

    what i can do is to give it a try and see if it goes through at the risk of a RM 15 hit for a bounced bank account registration. will revert with the status here.

  20. Hi Newbie. I realized the the form in my blog post is from my PayPal Business Account. So there is no name field for adding a bank account in a PayPal Business Account.

    I checked my PayPal Personal Account. My name is in the correct order. You must have entered “Ah Beng” as your last name and “Tan” as your first name during registration of your PayPal account. Nothing much can be done about this. If your withdrawal is rejected, you can close down this account and open a new account using “Tan” as your first name.

  21. Do I need to enter my DC no or account no to received the payment. Hope you can help me in this.

  22. What do you mean by DC no?

  23. Hi Malcolm, sorry for the short form. What I mean is do I need to enter the Debit Card No or the account no when I wanted to link paypal to let say maybank. Can I used personnal account to do that or I need to open company account bank.

    Thanks in advance

  24. Hi Azmir. You can use your personal bank account. The form will require you to enter your bank account number.

  25. Hi Malcolm

    I want to register a new paypal account which the name should tally with my maybank account. For example, the maybank account name is Lee Ah Moi, how should i put the last, middle and first name?
    I have actually registered earlier but my paypal account became Ah Moi Lee and it doesnt tally with my bank account name. It is stated the transaction could be rejected if the details are found incorrect. I dont wanna take the risk.
    Thanks alot.

  26. Hi, malcolm

    I have the same issue also as Raye mentioned. I already register my paypal account. My maybank account name is Chong Weng Fatt. I register my paypal account previously by putting First Name as Weng Fatt, Middle name I not put anything, and Last Name I put as Chong. Is it the name arrangement correct when register in paypal? Now my paypal account name shown as Weng Fatt Chong.

    When I register a bank account, paypal says the name is:

    surname: Chong
    name: Weng Fatt

    *the surname is protected from change. Can I register my bank account successfully and withdraw the funds successfully later from my paypal to my maybank account?

    Hope to see your reply as soon as possible.



  27. Hi Raye, Alan. I have a new tip.

    If your bank account name does not match your name in your PayPal account, you can request to change it.

    To request a name change on your PayPal account, follow these steps:
    1. Log in to your account.
    2. Click Contact Us at the bottom of the page.
    3. Click Send us under Email us.
    4. Select My Account and then Name Change.
    5. Follow the steps provided.

    In Malaysia, your Chinese surname is always in front of your name and you do not enter your Chinese surname as Last Name in your PayPal account unless you are in the United States.

  28. Hi, Malcolm.

    Thanks for you info. Currently My Paypal Account Name shown as Weng Fatt Chong. When I register a bank account, paypal says the name is:

    surname: Chong
    name: Weng Fatt

    *the surname is protected from change.

    For your advice, so now do I need to change my Paypal Account Name? Thanks.

    *If I change my paypal name this time. Sure 1 issue that will happen when I register a bank account next time after change to my new Paypal Account Name, paypal sure will say the name is:

    surname: Weng Fatt
    name: Chong

    *the surname is protected from change. *This is the different that will happened actually next time after I change my Paypal Name.

  29. Hi Alan. Your name will be submitted at Chong Weng Fatt to your bank based on the following:

    surname: Weng Fatt
    name: Chong

    So there is no issue.

  30. Hi Malcolm,

    Thanks for your information. Another issue is let said if I withdraw USD500 paypal fund to my Public Bank Visa Electron Card and has been rejected, will the USD500 paypal fund return back to my paypal account? Is there any extra charge when my withdrawal fund to my Public Bank Visa Electron Card has been rejected?

    Hope to see your reply as soon as possible.



  31. Hi Alan. Should the withdrawal fail, your funds will be returned to you. The return fee for failed withdrawal to credit/debit card is equivalent to USD 10.

  32. Hi Malcolm,

    So whats the fastest way to fund my pay pal acc?
    Is there anyway to fund by using debit card?

    Regards & Thanks in advance

  33. Hi Toni. Yes, you can use your Visa Debit card to make payment.

  34. Hi Malcolm,

    My bank account’s name read as aliya binti abu whereas my paypal account’s name read as aliya abu. Will the difference of “bin” or “binti” create a problem in withdrawing fund to my bank account?


  35. Hi Inti. Definitely. You should have the “bin” or “binti”.

    When you withdraw, you can change your first name to “Aliya binti” or you can request PayPal to change your last name to “binti Abu” and your first name as “Aliya”.

    The sequence of your name may or may not be a problem for some banks but I highly suspect your name without the “bin” or “binti” will be a problem.

    You can always try and the worst you can lose is RM 15 only for a failed withdrawal to your Malaysian bank account.

  36. Hi malcolm,

    Sorry to intervene. My palpal acc is without “BIN” but both my CIMB and PB debit card accounts are with “BIN”. So far I have no problem in withdrawal to these banks.

    As you said there may not be not be a problem for certains banks. I do not sure for other banks.

  37. hi matrod.

    If you recall, the name on card (credit or debit card) may not necessarily be your actual name. The name on card is not usually used for verification.

    Withdrawal of PayPal funds to bank accounts may be an issue. From a few bloggers’ experience, the sequence of your name will not be a problem. I guess the banks in Malaysia are aware of this issue.

  38. hi, malcolm, i have a business paypal account linked to my UK bank account. so i had no prob at all with the order of first & last name. now i would like to register a personal paypal account linked to my public bank account but i was confused about the order of first and last names. I dont wanna take the risk of my fund being rejected, as im gonna transfer the fund from UK and paypal’s gonna charge a lot under such circumstance. even if im willing to close the account, i’d have to clear the fees that paypal charged before i could close it. so i wonder if u could help me and everyone else who has the same problem, as i read from one of your posts above that u had no problem with the order of your name =)

    for an instance:
    my full name on IC and bank statement is Lee Ah Lan, Lee is my surname. my surname should be the first or last name when i register?

    i look forward to hearing from u soon. many thanks.

  39. Hi Carmen.
    Side track a little, for your information, you can send your PayPal funds as “Personal Payments” to yourself or friends and you will not incur transactions fees (for now).

    The latest information I have is the sequence of your name during registration of your PayPal account does not matter. A number of Malaysians have been able to withdraw despite the “incorrect” sequence of their names submitted to their banks by PayPal.

    My standard advice is based on the following logic.

    Name registered with a Malaysian bank: Lee Ah Lan (Lee is the surname)

    First Name used in PayPal : Lee
    Last Name used in PayPal account (Country is Malaysia): Ah Lan

    Therefore name submitted to the Malaysian bank is “Lee Ah Lan” and not “Ah Lan, Lee”.

  40. thanks Malcolm. Cheers

  41. Carmen,
    You are welcome. :)

  42. help me!! how can i have a paypal account? what should i do first? which bank i should go to have a paypal account? which bank is better? pls help me guys..ty

  43. Hi atam. You can go here to sign up for a PayPal account.

    You don’t go to the bank to register a PayPal account. You will need a credit or a debit card to sign up for a PayPal account.

  44. help me.. i dont know how to add fund to my paypal account.. i already created my paypal account.. and i dont what should i do.. which credit card/bank is support for paypal? im from malaysia

  45. Hi ross. Any Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card can be used with PayPal for online purchase.

  46. Dear Malcolm,

    I would like to purchase an item from

    The seller accepts Paypal but my Paypal account is based in UK (

    How can I make payment to the seller?

    Please advise. Thank you :)

  47. Hi Phoon. It doesn’t matter if your PayPal account is based in the UK or Malaysia.

    You can send funds to the seller to his email account associated with his/her PayPal account in the currency and amount stated by him.

  48. Hi Malcolm,

    Really appreciate the prompt reply.

    I logged into my Paypal account and cannot find the option to transfer money from my Paypal UK to a Malaysian bank account.

    Can I trouble you for some instructions?

    Thank you.

  49. Phoon.
    Are you trying to withdraw funds from your PayPal UK account to Malaysian bank account?


    Are you are trying to send funds to a Malaysian PayPal account?

  50. Hi Malcolm,

    The former is correct.

    I apologise for the confusion.

  51. Hi Phoon. I don’t think you are allowed to withdraw funds from your UK PayPal account to your Malaysian bank account.

    You can create another PayPal account with the country Malaysia and send the funds to this new account as “Personal Payment”.

    You are only allowed to have 2 PayPal account where 1 is a Personal account and another can be either a Premier or Business account.

  52. Hi Malcolm,

    You are a genius!

    Thank you so much for the help.

    Keep it up with the site.

    Cheers! :)

  53. can any one tell me what is maybank MEPS Bank Routing Code/?

  54. Hi Lucas. Maybank is “MALAYAN BANKING BERHAD”. Please refer to the list above.

  55. Thank Malcolm:)

  56. Malcolm,

    I was reading on pros and cons accounts of PayPal. And one of the things that really made me worry was the ability of PayPal to take money out from our bank account. The complaints i read was mostly from US. Can that happen to Malaysian bank accounts though?

    How safe is it to have our debit card linked to PayPal?


    Hi Xdaliv. This only happens when someone uses your PayPal account and make payment. PayPal does not withdraw money from your bank account.

  57. Hi malcolm,

    i have an uk paypal account during my year in uk.
    now im back in Malaysia, i wasnt allow to add a malaysian bank account, what should i do?

    thank you very much.

  58. Hi Min Tien. You need to register a new PayPal account with the country set to Malaysia during registration.

    Each person can only have a maximum of 2 PayPal accounts at any one time.

    One can be a PayPal Personal account, another can be a Premier or Business account.

  59. hi malcom.. how about Alertpay? why when i put my account bank details, it always shows that my account invalid. i use my maybank account

  60. Hi Syahidah. I don’t have experience with Alertpay. This post is not related to Alertpay as well.

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  62. hi full name is Mohd sahril Bin Hasan.can you help me which 1 is a 1st,middle and last name? i want to fill a paypal ac.

  63. Hi Sahril.

    Your last name will be “Bin Hassan”.
    First name will be “Mohd Sahril”.

    Don’t need to fill up middle name.

  64. Hi Malcom, im confused about this *Please ensure that the name you provide matches the name on your bank account*.

    My bank account name: Gavyn(me) M.(dad) David
    (grandfater). The ‘M.’ stands for Marty(dad)
    So when i fill in the surname part, should i put ‘M.’, ‘Marty’ or “M. David”?

  65. Hi Gavyn. Before I answer your question, which country are you from?

    If the country of your PayPal account is the US, M. will be your middle name.

  66. No, I’m not from the US. I’m from Malaysia.

  67. how can i reload my paypal if i dont have a credit card can i use my maybank transfer money to paypal?

    Hi Gary. No. You can’t load funds from Malaysian bank account to your PayPal account. You should add a Visa or MasterCard to your PayPal account as a funding source.

  68. Hi,
    I’m thinking about getting a paypal account. What if I don’t use a credit card? Do I register a bank account and whenever I buy an item, it will deduct from my bank account? Or do I have to transfer money into the paypal account first and then start buying items with the money in the paypal account?


    Kinda new in this

    I recommend you to use a Maybank Visa Debit card which is tied to your Maybank bank account and add this card to PayPal. This will be your funding source in PayPal and your money will be deducted directly from your bank account via your Visa Debit card whenever you make payment via PayPal.

  69. hi im reesh here…i want to purchase something from do i pay via paypal when i cant transfer money from my bank account to the paypal account?

    I recommend you to use a Maybank Visa Debit card which is tied to your Maybank bank account and add this card to PayPal. This will be your funding source in PayPal and your money will be deducted directly from your bank account via your Visa Debit card whenever you make payment via PayPal.

  70. Hi Gavyn. Apologies. It has been awhile since I blog.

    For the surname, you can use M. David since M. David is in the bank account and not Marty David.

  71. Hi Malcolm,
    I have Maybank account, I want to withdraw money from Paypal. I would like to verify below question:
    1. i can withdraw money directly from Paypal to my Maybank account (and any local back account)? If not, how?

    Thank you.

    You can withdraw PayPal funds to most local banks in Malaysia. Did I answer your question?

  72. Hi Malcolm,
    I haven’t open Paypal account,
    1. personal account – can send & receive money ?
    2. premier account – can send & receive money ?
    3. What is the different between personal/premier account ?

    If you are going to accept payment but not under a company name, sign up for a Premier Account to enjoy better transaction rates. If you are going to use PayuPal just to send money, a Personal account will do.

  73. hi ! my account is at Public bank, Tmn Perling, Johor Bahru, is the MEPS banking routing code also can use
    PBBEMYKL ?? if cant…what code shall I use ??

  74. hi lianyaw. The code you stated is correct for Public Bank. There is only 1 code for the whole of Public Bank Berhad.

  75. hi melcolm help me.. how can i find the maybank MEPS bank routing code

  76. And how to cancel this Account?

  77. hi Malcolm, i am still a student now. i am interested in selling things online but i have no idea in it. can u tell me step by step what actually should i do ??


    Hi cristal. You do your research online on selling on eBay or opening an online store. I can’t be giving free advice on online selling as that is my bread and butter.

  78. Hi Matt18…. Next to the textbox to enter the MEPS bank routing code, click on the “details” link for MEPS routing codes.

    In your PayPal account, go to “Profiles” –> “Account Information” –> “Close Account” to close your PayPal account.

  79. thanks malcolm.. great to know you..

  80. hi malcolm, i failed to link my alliance islamic debit card to paypal. its written there ‘This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer’s customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card.’ Why was it? reply asap thx

  81. Hi Simon. Please check with Alliance Bank if your card has been enabled for online transactions.

  82. Thx Malcolm, Alliance Bank told me that my card cannot be used for online transaction or any auto-debit system. But today i went to Maybank and get my maybank visa debit, the person incharge told me that my card could be used for online purchasing or something, and she asked me to surf to log in and change user and password, i followed all the instructions, still i cant link to paypal with my debit card, same error popped out. im kind of feeling dissapointed with it. Can you solve this problem Malcolm? Thanks.

    Did you enable MSOS in your Maybank2u account of this card? Read here for more info

  83. Hi, I would like to know if I can pay using Paypal by Maybank Debit card (Visa).

  84. Coco…yes you can.

  85. Hi Malcolm,
    I am planning to do online purchase and i have just created a paypal account. I have link it with my MAYBANK account as well as added my CITIBANK credit card. My question is, for my purchase, are they going to charge on my bank account or my credit card? Can i pay using my MAYBANK account instead? As i heard credit card payment is more expensive as they charge transaction fee :( ….Please help

  86. I have another problem here. I tried to link my Standard Chartered Bank account and my debit card with paypal…But it just won’t work.

    Error message: This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer’s customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card.

    Please help…Thanks!

  87. Hi Vicky. Please check with your issuing bank SCB.

  88. i need (MEPS Bank Routing Code of Maybank )

    does anyone know ?

  89. hye,i just want to much bank islam will charged when i withdraw monay straight from the paypal to bank islam many percent they charged?? tq..:D

    : No charge. Only currency exchange rates.

  90. “We were unable to verify this credit card. Please check if the information you entered is correct. Please also make sure your credit card billing address matches your PayPal street address. ”

    i receive it during i register my credit card to pay pal,

    my address i re-change many times already also cant get through it.

    Please help ( from Malaysia)

    Call PayPal support number.

  91. Hey there,I just want to know where to find MEPS Routing Code for maybank account. I really appreciate if you could help .A.s.a.p

    Maybank is Malayan Banking Berhad. See the updated table above.

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