Maybank Visa Debit Card can be Used Online Now

I think we will be rejoicing soon.

Maybank Visa Debit card + PayPal = More money on Malaysian soil!

Raki and sorensen who are readers of this blog have notified me on a link in our respective Maybank2u account where we can register our the importance of having a pay stub Maybank Visa Debit card for online purpose including adding it to our PayPal account. I have also came across the noticy by Maybank here.

If you logged into your Maybank2u account, you will see the link “Maybankard Secure Online Shopping Registration” under the section “Utilities”. See the screenshot below.

Maybankard secure online shopping menu

I attempted to fill up the form to register for Maybank Secure Online (MSOS) by following the official guide by Maybank here.

Maybank Visa Debit Card MSOS registration

However, my registration was not successful. The error message below was displayed. Has anyone been able to register their Visa Debit Card for online usage?

Visa Debit Card MSOS registration failed

Just awhile ago, I managed to activate my Maybank Visa Debit card for online transactions by using a different password from my Maybank2u account. Woot!!!

Maybank Visa Debit MSOS successful registration

Maybank Visa Debit MSOS successful registration

111 Responses to “Maybank Visa Debit Card can be Used Online Now”

  1. my 1st and 2nd activation attempt was failed too. not sure what was wrong, but i was trying to change my password (by not using the same password as my maybank2u) and then it works.

  2. I tried a different password from my Maybank2u but it keep saying “time out” and I have been logged out of Maybank2u.

  3. yup, that also happened to me.. i was not being idle for 5 minutes yet but already logged out. just keep on trying, in case it couldn’t be resolved until tomorrow then i think it’s time to call maybank..

  4. Hi sorensen. I managed to get it working just awhile ago. See my blog update above! Thanks sorensen.

  5. congrats malcolm :) but i still have something in my mind though. old question rises again: how to complete a direct transaction (without using paypal etc) if it requires us to fill cardholder’s name? coz the card doesn’t have name on it.. anyone have ideas?

  6. Thank you sorensen. From my experience, the card name is not important for online transactions with credit or debit cards. Just enter the name registered with Maybank. If your name is too long, enter the “shorter” version of your name. Some sites don’t even request or verity your name on the card. I may be wrong though but no harm trying.

  7. i meet the problem for the no trusted certificate found too…..
    what is the solution for that?

  8. Hi Yi Hui. Keep trying again later. Please ensure your card details are correct and your password is different from your Maybank2u password.

  9. the solution is go to the bank and register through their computer :)

  10. Great information about debit card in malaysia that associate with paypal

  11. Maybank + Paypal – (minus) WORK PERMIT =
    almost more money on Malaysian soil.

  12. i`ve done everythin(linked my maybank debit card with paypal n registered an account in ebay n got linked with my paypal account). the problem is when i tried to pay the seller on ebay. it shows” your card can`t be used for this transaction so pls use any other debit card or credit card”. It`s so annoyin after payin for this stupid card n went thru all the processes in paypal n ebay, gettin this stupid error………………

  13. Hi Mohamed. Do not use your card between 1 midnight to about 2am (or was it 1am) when Maybank2u is down. Transactions are likely to be unsuccessful then since it is tied to your bank account.

  14. We need a credit card to do this?

  15. Hi Erkos. I don’t quite get your question. Apologies. Do you mind elaborating?

  16. Hi,
    Can I still use the Maybank Debit Card for online purchases if I don’t link it with Paypal?

  17. Hi Dalila. Obviously yes.

  18. Sorry for being a noob.

    And thanks!

  19. Hi Dalila. It is ok.

  20. Hi..can my debit card be used in oversea. Let say for my hotel payment? i’m afraid that they won’t accept debit card.

  21. Hi Iza. Yes you can.

  22. Greetings..

    I have maybank visa debit card..did all the process from MSOS, link with paypal and ebay..But i still cant make online payment using paypal to item i bought on ebay..Am i missing any steps here? I thought paypal is going to deduct directly from my maybank accounts for online purchases? Really appreciate your assistance in clearing this out..thanks.

  23. Hi Draven. Apparently Maybank’s Visa Debit card can be quite erratic at times. Once, I was only able to make payment after I have some PayPal funds in my account.

  24. @malcolm….hi, how do you transfer funds to your paypal acc??? i mean from your maybank visa debit card….i’ve linked and confirmed my visa debit card but the paypal balance is still 0.00….i thought they would automatically link my funds to the paypal acc…please help~

  25. I did this.. lets move on to add my debit card. Thank you very much. It helps ^^

  26. I have the same problm with emily, when I want to make payment paypal system said that I don’t fund in my account. so I tried to add account but unable to do that, since paypal cannot add fund from maybank account… Please help me

  27. Hi Mira. Maybank Visa Debit card is not that stable when being used with PayPal. At times my payment go through but at times it doesn’t.

  28. I feel sooo irritated…i’ve already done all the registration for my maybank visa debit card aka atm card and it was successful but when i tried linking it to my paypal account it kip saying unable to confirm this credit card…i have no idea what’s wrong..what do i do..??can i only pay buyers thru paypsl using cc???cnt i link my bank account to paypal and pay thru that instead…sigh~

  29. If you based in Malaysia, bank accounts in Malaysia are not funding sources at the moment.

  30. Malcolm, yes im base in mean that i cnt pay thru my bank account?i need a cc to do that?

  31. Hi Joy. You can use another credit card or debit card. I personally recommend Public Bank Visa Electron. My friend uses RHB Cash Connect Visa Debit card and it works fine.

  32. ok..thx alot…maybank totally sucks..

  33. I finally did it!!! do the transaction with maybank Debit Card. I finally figure out that we need to change our debit card purchasing limit at ATM first then only we can do the transaction.

    Coz Maybank Debit Card limit only RM500, so if your payment is more than the limit…it won’t go through.

  34. but the thing is paypal wnt accept my maybank debit card wen i tried linking it to my paypal acc..guess have to try pb dc instead or ambank nextg..

  35. I have tried all the above-mentioned steps..but my payment still couldnt get through. Password is different from my log in password, limit already changed, debit card is linked to paypal..and etc…

    What’s the next steps to solve my problem??..or just dump the stupid card and get a new one other bank??

  36. Hi Adam. Perhaps it is a better idea not to use this problematic card.

  37. Hi admin,

    How to add fund to pay pal account from maybank debit card?

  38. Hi Mark Ally. No, you can add funds to your PayPal account from your Maybank Debit card.

    You will have to receive payment from someone to have PayPal funds/balance.

  39. i have been tried many time to set d MSOS but also failed. upset!

  40. Hi eelynn. What was the error message?

  41. Unsuccessful – invokeConnection: Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL:http://datapower:3115/

  42. […] to my reader, we have a solution. Basically you will need to go to the Maybank ATM machine to increase your […]

  43. hi

    I want to make a payment, but suddenly this message appears” We were unable to verify your credit or debit card. To proceed with your purchase, please select a different payment method or add a different credit or debit card, then click Continue.” i already verified my debit card and before this all transaction succeed. what should i do?

  44. Hi Keju. Have you tried this?

  45. Hi Malcolm, 1st of all sorry for being totally noob.
    I have a paypal account and yes a debit card acc.
    But then after following the step u gave above, how then i can shop right away using paypal acc?

    Thank u :)

  46. hi Aisya. If you have added your card to your PayPal account, you can go to any sites which accepts PayPal and make payment. You will then be asked for your PayPal username and password before confirming a payment.

  47. Hi Malcom. I’ve tried the first step which is MSOS but still not successful. At first this error comes up

    Status: Unsuccessful – Critical element not recognized

    After that I tried again and this error showed:

    Unsuccessful – invokeConnection: Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL:http://datapower:3115/

    I don’t know what to do

  48. Hi Syafrizal. You can try another day. Maybank2u is sometimes hopeless.

  49. hi guys..
    i’ve been try to register online shopping for three days, but always.. Status: Unsuccessful – Critical element not recognized
    whats the problem
    i’ve tried many various passwords…and what about the cvv??it’s the last three numbers, isn’t it??


  50. Hi Mr.KeNDeY. CVV is the 3 digit on the reverse of your card (not the last 3 digit or your card number). =)

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