Payment Gateways at Redbox AirAsia

Today, RedBox AirAsia is launched. According to Business Times, AirAsia is targeting RM30 million revenue next year. It is billed as the world first’s low-cost courier service.

The site is delivered by SCICOM (MSC) Berhad and had 2 of AirAsia’s own online payment gateway integrated.

The gateways are:
a) AirAsia 3D Payment Services – to process Visa, MasterCard and Amex payments online.
b) AirAsia Direct Debit – mainly to process direct debit (online banking) transactions. At the moment, only Maybank2u is offered on the site while the other local banks’ online banking methods are not offered yet.

With the above integration, you can make online payments at RedBox for their courier services at anytime, anywhere. I guess the Redbox motto can be “Now Everyone Can Send”? Did I guess it wrongly? *lolz*

In the past, I have integrated AirAsia 3D Payment Services gateway for while in Neowave Sdn. Bhd.

On the other note, we have integrated Magento with Public Bank‘s payment gateway. For more information, you can visit Magento Connect. The USD pricing of the extension on that site is not the exact pricing in RM (obviously!) Don’t guess the conversion rate. :)

2 Responses to “Payment Gateways at Redbox AirAsia”

  1. Good job man. Glad to see you are doing good. Let’s contribute more to shape the ecommerce industry in Malaysia.

  2. Thanks Adrian. Sites like RedMegastore and Redbox will definitely help shape the e-commerce industry.

    webShaper is definitely doing a lot better now since I left Neowave a year ago. You guys keep up the good work too!

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