Free iPay88 Payment Gateway Module for Magento

iPay88 Online Payment Gateway Integration with Magento

As the software developer of the iPay88 payment module/extension/integration for Magento shopping cart software, I am pleased to announce my team at Mafinsoft have successfully completed our first open source software development project. It is available for download for free using MagentoConnect. Yes, it is going to save you RM X000.00 amount of software development fees! I recommend you use these savings to sign up for iPay88 services.

As we are providing this module for Free for your benefit, you can support our continuous improvement and update of this payment module with any of the following ways:

  • Contact us to sign up for iPay88 services and receive free installation of the module from us. Email: support[at] now!
  • Contribute financially to this project. Payment details coming soon.
  • Sign up for our installation service at only RM 30 per website.
  • Recommend a friend who wants sell online to contact us for free, no-obligation consultation on online selling. Email: support[at] now! You can contact us as well.

With this payment module of Magento, online sellers particularly in Malaysia are able to accept online payments from most local Internet banking account such as Maybank2U and CIMBClicks as well as credit cards using iPay88 services.

Below are some links to my company’s website related to iPay88 and the integration:

My Experience

Having been a software developer and e-commerce consultant in my previous company, I have always wanted to integrate Magento with iPay88 which is Malaysia’ leading online payment gateway provider. The integration work was not as straightforward like I had done in my ex-company.

I went through the forums and wiki on creating an online payment module for Magento for some quite some time. After more than 9 months since the launch of Magento 1.0, I was wondering why there was not a single software developer from Malaysia creating this payment module for Magento. The thought of taking this challenge to be the first in Malaysia & Singapore (perhaps South East Asia) to integrate a payment gateway for Magento was a good idea after all.

Understanding the underlying codes of Magento proved to be somewhat intimidating at times. The online documentation to create a new payment module contributed by developers was incomplete and there were many missing puzzles. Most developers had to study the codes in Magento to figure the files to be created as well as the coding convention.

Nevertheless, the process of understanding the inner workings of Magento was crucial in ensuring this payment module is without any bug (God help me!) which would probably cause merchants to lose money! We did thorough Alpha testing of the integration to ensure bugs and errors will not occur during any transaction using the module.

Despite the complexity of this project, the coding convention by Magento and the Zend framework helped in reducing bugs during the software development process. Thank God I stopped developing in old, dinasour, classical ASP!

As I turned 27 early this month, we completed development of this iPay88 payment module of Magento and the integration was approved by the Magento Team within a day.

A close friend said this is the best birthday present for myself. Indeed she was correct and still is. I want to say a big thank you to my partner and friends who are “part” of this project.

35 Responses to “Free iPay88 Payment Gateway Module for Magento”

  1. It is good news for Malaysian companies. I believe I was the first to download the iPay88 module, it was beta then, is it stable now? However, I haven’t found the time to look into it yet. I will start as soon as I finish my own module in the next couple of weeks. I’m thinking of integrating iPay88 after I decided on where to host my site. Any recommendation on a good host in Malaysia?

  2. Hi Kiat. Thank for dropping by my blog. I guess you were the first to download the extension. How did you find out this post anyway?

    Athough in Beta, it is relatively stable. I have also replied to your review at MagentoConnect where the extension requires Magento version 1.2.1. We will switch it to “stable” when we have at least 5 live stores running using this extension.

    You can try Server Freak or IpServerOne. It works well on their shared hosting.

  3. I subscribe your blog in Google Reader since a long while now. I will check out Server Freak. I’m looking forward to running iPay88 in my store soon.

  4. Do support us by mentioning you are recommended/referred by “Mafinsoft Solutions” to iPay88. I can also help you with the registration. Thanks kiat.

  5. Hi.. is there any ipay99 payment mod /plugin for phpprobid ( that can be integrate into?

  6. Hi Muhaimmean. None at the moment. You will have to hire someone to integrate it. Are you looking for someone to do it?

  7. yes … hopefully if there somebody that can and willing ….

  8. Hi Muhaimmean. please contact me if you are interested. I have emailed you but no response.

  9. I’m looking for someone who can do the programming and help me integrate iPay88 payment module into my phpprobid script. Please contact me by email. Thank you.

  10. Hi Ezam. I have emailed you yesterday. Kindly check your email.

  11. Hi,

    I need some one to help to install ipay88 in my web site which is using wordpress as a platform.


    Hi CN. I have replied your email. Thank you.

  12. Hi,

    Do you know of any ipay88 gateway for cubecart v4?


  13. Hi June. I was told the integration for CubeCart 4 is in progress. Are you interested?

  14. I need to integrate ipay88 with wordpress too..preferably as a plugin? anyone


  15. Hi Arsar. I have sent you an email about the plugin.

  16. hi all,
    if any one is looking the payment getway. pls contact me directly

    i can meet up with you and propose a best price in this.


  17. Hi dereek. Isn’t iPay88 payment gateway fees fixed as stated on your website? Do you mean you can give discounted rates?

  18. Hi,

    I am looking for someone to engage and help me to setup an online store.


  19. hi malcolm,

    I installed iPay88 payment module on magento and it’s working. Thanks for this!

    My question is, i set my base currency to MYR with allowed currencies of USD. If I change to USD when adding products and then checkout, the amount is given in US Dollars. This works fine with Paypal but will it work with Ipay88 MYR gateway.


  20. Hi YC.

    This Magento extension is designed for iPay88 MYR gateway. Your base currency and amount will be submitted to the gateway regardless of the selected currency.

    If your base currency is MYR, then there will be no problem using this with iPay88 MYR gateway.

    Did I answer your question?

  21. Yes indeed. Thanks again for the wonderful extension.

  22. Hi Malcolm,

    need your help to install ipay88 for project which is using wordpress. Thanks.

  23. Hi Malcom

    Can your payment gateway be used for a Singapore based company?

    Hi Kent. A Singapore based company cannot use this iPay88 MYR payment gateway. A Singapore based company can use iPay88’s multi-currency payment gateway.

  24. HI Malcolm
    I am developing an ecommerce site . Can you get in touch with me by email pls ? Thanks Ken

  25. Hi Malcom,

    I also need your help to install ipay88 in a wordpress website. Hope you can help. Thanks in advance.

  26. Hi Malcolm,

    I am looking for Magento expert from Malaysia to set up and trouble shoot my website.
    Please let me how you charge.

    Thank you.

  27. hi man,

    just wanted to know, am trying to use this WP theme, you reckon we can put in a ipay88 plugin for it?

    hope to hear from you soon man.

  28. Hi Ikram..I am not an expert in WP-commerce plugin with iPay88 plugin for WP and the theme you want to purchase. No harm trying I guess.

  29. hey,nice work there. have u ever heard of NBePay? i think it is developed by NetBuilder. can u write some review comparing this 2 payment gateway.thanks

  30. Hi q. Thank you. Right now, I am too busy to write a review but thanks for the good idea.

  31. I’m trying to intergrate ipay88 to my magento
    when install showing this error
    Failed to download magento-community/Mafinsoft_Ipay88 within preferred state “stable”, latest release is version 1.0.1, stability “beta”, use “channel://” to install
    PEAR ERROR: install failed
    Do u know how to install it.

    Eng Chuan

  32. Hi Shawn… For the time being, set your preferred stability to beta.

  33. Thanks Malcom, i tired to set it to beta.
    Still the same and get the same error.
    Do u have msn, can help me to check it.
    I pass my addmin login to u
    Thanks A lot

  34. this is my msn :

  35. hi, stil accepting job? im in need to integrate maysian payment like epay88 into PHPProbid script, lelong like system. email me back plz :)

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