PayPal Customer Service Did Not Respond to My Email

Help! My PayPal account has been suspended! Just kidding :)

Just awhile ago, my blog reader by the name of Yap sent the following comment asking for help.

I recently withdraw funds from my Paypal account to debit card.
Transaction went smoothly the first 2 times.
The third time has been 8 business days but i still don’t see any funds deposited into my card.

What should i do? I have email Paypal customer center several times, no reply received.

Don’t be too worried Yap. I have heard of this a number of times but the withdrawal was finally resolved.

Whenever we have questions on PayPal, we have the following options to obtain answers to our queries without contacting PayPal directly via email or phone:

  1. Ask experienced friends who has been using PayPal extensively.
  2. Click on the “Contact Us” link at bottom of PayPal. com and use PayPal’s Help Centre and knowledge base. There are many FAQ’s in their knowledge base. Utilize it and resolve your headache :)
  3. Search using search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN for blogs and websites related to the issue with PayPal you face.
  4. Submit your question to this blog. I may be able to help.

I have a few good experience escalating my issue via email at PayPal’s Help Centre page. However, if all steps above have been taken and you have found no solution (Apologies, I don’t have a PhD in PayPal), you can call PayPal customer service directly. If your are located in Asia Pacific especially Singapore, Malaysia, the Philipines, Thailand, Indonesia etc, you can contact PayPal’s Asia Pacific Customer Service which is located in Singapore!

The following are the details

Phone Number: (65)-6510-4650 (a Singapore telephone number)
Working Hours: 9:00 SGT to 18:00 SGT from Monday to Friday

Wait, before you dial the above number, make sure you log into your PayPal account here first to obtain your verification details under “Identification Preference” section (next page).

There are more than 150 million PayPal accounts in the world. If only 1% of their customers face problems everyday, they will be almost drown replying emails and receiving phone calls from customers all over the world. We have to be a little more patient with PayPal especially when dealing with their Customer Service. I am not saying their customer service is bad but I believe they are trying their best to serve you better especially with their relatively new customer service centre in Singapore.

I have a friend who called their Customer Service for some issues related to suspension of a PayPal account due to suspicious activites. Best is stick to some best practices and common sense as to not trigger a false alarm in PayPal’s “fraud fighting system”. Example, do not suddenly withdraw a large amount for the first time. Make sure it is incremental. Doesn’t that make more sense? :)

23 Responses to “PayPal Customer Service Did Not Respond to My Email”

  1. Thanks alot malcom :)

    The problem is the status of transaction is stated “completed”

    Really hope the funds will be transferred to my card soon.


  2. Hi Dear Malcom,

    My case is even worst.

    I have withdrawn on 11 Sep 2008 and the status is “completed”, however, until today I still haven’t see the money credited to my account, maybe I should not do it on “911”.

    I have called the debit card co several times and they said it’s in the final process of recovery and ask me to wait.

    I wonder it is bcos of some new policy of paypal bcos the USD will be converted to MYR b4 the withdrawal completed.

    Could you pls add some comments.

    Thanks & Regards

    Hi Alex,

    You will have to be a little more patient. After all the card issuer said it is in the final process of “recovery”. I don’t think PayPal will ever swindle our money unless they go bankrupt! :)

  3. Looks like I can join the rest of the gang here. I did my transfer on 16th Sep and the details shown completed the next day. It was directly converted to MYR and until today haven’t seen the money appear in my cc account. Yelek.

    I’m beginning to get frustrated. I called my issuing bank and they say no fund in yet. I just wonder where the money is right now.

  4. Oh, yeah I forgot to mention. I’m using UOB visa

  5. Anybody has any update regarding status of withdrawal? I still haven’t receive my fund yet.

  6. Hi Hwang. A reader by the name of Canny was able to receive her PayPal funds. You can read here.

    She uses Public Bank’s Visa Electron.

  7. I am having the exactly same problem as Alex.

    I initiated a withdrawal on Sept 11, 2008. Until now, no funds being deposited into my card.

    Almost 1 month !!!

    Where is my funds ?!

    I requested a trace on my funds, no reply ?!

  8. Mine is done on the 16th. aiyoh…headache. Very frust. Still not yet received.
    The consolation part is….Well at least paypal reply to my queries.

    Hi, yap.
    Which card are you using???

  9. They are very terrible. They charge nonsense fees for the withdrawal, give lousy exchange rates (can you imagine? 3.36 when the exchange rate for the day is 3.45), and now my money is left hanging in cyberspace with lost interest….Grrrrr….

    Oh yeah…one more thing..this time they convert directly to MYR upon withdrawal and that’s how I know the exchange rate….

  10. I m using PB visa electron…

    My previous 2 withdrawal, the funds directly go into my card…no problem at all, everything went smoothly….

    I have been waiting for a month……..
    if PayPal still insist saying “the withdrawal status is completed which means it has completed through the PayPal system”, i will go to Singapore, their nearest branch to make a complaint.

  11. Hi Yap.
    Before going to Singapore, check the hardcopy of your Visa Electron statement. Verify with Card Services if there is any credit of funds by PayPal. Also make a call to PayPal Singapore to request what documents you should prepare before knocking on their door.

  12. Way to go Yap. Do let them know you are not the only one…Man, at least you could go to Singapore, I’m now in Selangor and I just wonder how will I going to reach them. Headache….

  13. Still no positive development. I just check my cc today and no fund deposited. I going nuts now…

  14. Hey Yap, do let us know the progress if you went to Singapore. I am still waiting for my funds. Worrying!!

  15. Yikes….Another one bites the dust. Hi, Jasmine, when did you make the withdrawal? I haven’t see my fund credited until today. What card are you using?

    I just hope the money will still be transferred no matter what. The most important thing is the money is there not put aside as non-accountability by paypal because according to them, they already done their part.
    But whatever it is, since we already pay for the withdrawal fee, it is stil paypal’s responsibility and they should be held accountable for the loses or whatever not “cuci tangan” saying that it’s no longer my problem.

  16. I made mine on 30th Sept. No news yet. I am using PB visa electron.

  17. hi there, im going to have my first time for withdrawing paypal fund to my public bank debit master card.
    im using public bank debit master card as my primary card.
    do i need another master card to withdraw the fund to?
    or i can type the same card?
    but when i type the same card number, they state that “You have entered an invalid number or partial credit card or debit card number. Please check your entry and try again.”
    what should i do?

  18. Hi Dande. As to this date, all MasterCard (debit or credit card) in Malaysia cannot be used for PayPal funds withdrawal. Only Visa® branded credit, debit or prepaid card are allowed in Malaysia, Indonesia and Philipines at the moment.

  19. oh public visa debit card is the only choice.. how abt visa card
    wher should i check the charges for visa withdraw?

  20. Hi Dande. PayPal charges USD 5 per withdrawal. You can check it at here. No other charges by your bank unless you use credit card for cash advance at the ATM.

    Do use the ATM of your own bank for withdrawal to avoid other charges from your bank.

  21. alright thanks for ur advance ^^

  22. i have been unable to activate my pay pal account
    using all types of animated services.
    no responses to my emails, and fobbed off with international phone numbers at great costs .
    ebay being the main contractor so more support
    should be coming from them.

  23. Hi Stephen. What do you mean activate your PayPal account?

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