Two Types of PayPal Transaction Fees

I received a question from Stary a short while ago.

I just received a payment in USD from France in my Premier Paypal acc & Paypal charged me a fee of 3.9% + USD0.30. Isn’t the usual fee 3.4% + USD0.30?

I apologize for the confusion. In my previous post on “Which PayPal Account Should I Signed Up For?“, I did not elaborate on types of transaction fees. There are 2 types of PayPal transaction fees namely domestic transaction fees and cross border transaction fees.

In Stary’s transaction, the country of his PayPal account is not France. Therefore, PayPal charged according to Stary’s cross border transaction fees. To check your domestic or cross border transaction fees, log into your PayPal account first. You then click on the “Fees” link located at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, you can click on the following links after signing into your PayPal account.

In general, the following are cross border transaction fees for Malaysian PayPal Premier and Business Accounts holders depending on previous monthly sales.

$0.00 USD-$3,000.00 USD ———————– 3.9% + $0.30 USD
$3,000.01 USD-$10,000.00 USD —————— 3.4% + $0.30 USD
$10,000.01 USD-$100,000.00 USD —————- 3.2% + $0.30 USD
> $100,000.00 USD —————————- 2.9% + $0.30 USD

In addition, the following are domestic transaction fees for Malaysian PayPal Premier and Business Accounts holders depending on previous monthly sales.

$0.00 USD-$3,000.00 USD ———————– 3.4% + $0.30 USD
$3,000.01 USD-$10,000.00 USD —————— 2.9% + $0.30 USD
$10,000.01 USD-$100,000.00 USD —————- 2.7% + $0.30 USD
> $100,000.00 USD —————————- 2.4% + $0.30 USD

Take note of the rates above when you receive payments from within your country or overseas. I hope this explanation is satisfactory.

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  2. Hi Malcolm :)
    Thank you very much for the explanation. I’m glad u listed out the fees too because I can never open the fees page, whenever I click on the “Fees” link located at the bottom of the page, I get “The page cannot be displayed”.

    You’ve been very helpful. Keep up the good work!


    Thank you. As mentioned, you only visit those pages after you log into your PayPal account. The reason is your fees may be different from your friend’s PayPal fees from another country.

  3. Hello again malcolm… I need your opinion. I want to make a cards which i can make online transaction. I’m from sarawak and far away from city. So, what type of cards i can apply? i’m still 17. And i really want to get a cards. Do i have to choose maybank card or other card? Do Bank Islam cards can make online transaction?

  4. Hi Hassu. That depends what banks are near you. I would recommend Public Bank Visa Electron if Public Bank is near you. I don’t think Bank Islam have cards for someone of your age. Since you probably don’t have a pay slip, you can only apply for a debit card and not credit cards.

    What are the banks nearest to you?

  5. We have BSN, Agro Bank, Hong Leong and Maybank.

  6. Hi Hassu. Seems like you don’t really have a choice. I don’t think Hong Leong Bank has any Visa or MasterCard debit card. Maybank Visa debit card can’t be used online now. You probably have to wait awhile longer.

    Agro Bank is out of the question.

    BSN does have a Visa Electron Debit card. However, I have heard of issues when it is used online.

    Perhaps you can apply for Visa Electron from Public Bank and when you need to top up funds into your card, you can transfer funds from your bank account to your Visa Electron Debit card with Public Bank. Usually there is a charge of RM 2.00 per transfer to another bank.

  7. hi there…
    i plan to use paypal. however, i’m quite confusing of the transaction fee.
    let say i have to remit USD 125 to taiwan, is the transaction fee be USD 5.18 while the total is USD 130.18?
    how about the bank charges? will it include in the bank statement? around how much the bank will charge?

  8. Hi Kate. Thank you for dropping by.

    Your figures are correct. There are no bank charges when you remit funds as PayPal is not a bank.

    The person who receives it may withdraw and PayPal do charge withdrawal fees depending on country.

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