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Two Types of PayPal Transaction Fees

I received a question from Stary a short while ago.

I just received a payment in USD from France in my Premier Paypal acc & Paypal charged me a fee of 3.9% + USD0.30. Isn’t the usual fee 3.4% + USD0.30?

I apologize for the confusion. In my previous post on “Which PayPal Account Should I Signed Up For?“, I did not elaborate on types of transaction fees. There are 2 types of PayPal transaction fees namely domestic transaction fees and cross border transaction fees. [Read more →]

Which PayPal Account Should I Sign Up For?

Very often, friends and customers ask which PayPal account they should sign up for when PayPal display 3 choices of PayPal accounts. Many online sellers are concern about the transaction fees charged  by PayPal when they receive online payments. A quick answer to that is to register for Premier or Business account to enjoy lower transaction fees.

Types of PayPal Accounts
There are 3 types of PayPal accounts which you can sign up online. Each has its own transaction fees, features and functionality. They are:

a) Personal
b) Premier
c) Business

A Personal account is mainly used by individuals [Read more →]