Magento Shopping Cart Installation

When MagentoCommerce was finally released for production use on 31’st March 2008, open source e-commerce has finally evolved. The long wait for a bespoke open source shopping cart software is finally over.

I have installed several preview versions in a few Linux servers which are located mainly in Malaysia or the US. From my experience, installation of Magento version 1.0 is a breeze. Despite being a newly-launched product and written from the ground up, Magento’s features in both control panel and store front are awesome.

Below are the 5 steps as outlined by Magento.

Magento Installation Steps

Step 1: Agree to License Agrement
When you have uploaded Magento files to your host, navigate your browser to your store’s site. You will be greeted by the License Agreement. Agree with the License Agreement (after reading?) and click on the “Continue” button.

Step 2: Set Locale Settings
You will be required to set the language, time zone and default currency of your store. Apparently Magento included the time zone of this tiny, red dot call Singapore but not Malaysian time zone.

Set Magento Locale Settings

Step 3: Meet Magento’s Software Requirements
If some of the requirements has not been met, the installation wizard will alert you.

Magento\'s Software Requirements

Step 4: Set Database Connection and Enable URL rewriting for SEO purpose
Enter the database username and password and tick “Use Web Server (Apache) Rewrites”. Most Linux hosting with Apache server supports mod_rewrite. By enabling URL rewriting, the URL in the address bar will be friendly not only to search engines like Google but also human readable as well. There is also a special technique for magento and seo, visit this page for details.

Set Magento Database Connection and URL Rewriting for SEO

Step 5: Create Admin Account and Encrpytion Key
Enter your personal information and login information. These details can be changed later. You can leave the encryption key field empty if you want a randomly generated key. This key is confidential which is used to encrypt passwords and credit card details.

Enter Personal and Login Information

You are done! You can now log into your backend control panel or store front by clicking on the respective buttons.

Log into Magento Control Panel

Need Installation Help?

While Magento is charging USD 149 for professional installation of Magento, you will only need RM 49 for a professional Magento installation in Malaysia provided you have your domain name and existing Linux hosting which meets Magento’s system requirements. Drop us a comment and we shall contact you via email within 1 business day. RM 49 is a one time fee which covers only installation (without hosting and domain name). Should you have extra requirements do let us know.

9 Responses to “Magento Shopping Cart Installation”

  1. I have made as well a free tutorial for magento:
    visit this page:

  2. Hello Malcolm,

    Can u please install Magento 1.3.0 in my website?Complete with sample data. How to make the payment?

    Please advise.

  3. Hi Effendy. I have emailed you the pricing on April 3rd. Please check your email inbox or spam box. Did you receive it?

  4. hi,
    malcom, i just installed magento on to my host
    however i failed to install demo store
    each time i did this, the frontend and backend will have page error
    i wonder if you could do a one day class for magento

  5. Hi Wan. I have emailed you. Please check.

  6. Dear Malcolm

    Do you know any web hosting company in malaysia that have full support of Magento hosting?


  7. hi malcom,

    Just want to ask, did your ever used base currency Ringgit Malaysia in magento? I want to use RM as base currency but it not make PayPal appear in payment section. When i change to USD, the paypal available when checkout.

    It is because RM is not accepted in PayPal transaction?

    Any idea how to make it come true?


  8. hi sichantek. PayPal does accept and process Ringgit. Some code modifications need to be done for your Magento store to accept RM via PayPal. I have done this for a few of my customers.

  9. hi malcom,

    Do you mean, you manage to make PayPal accept and and process Ringgit without need to force user change the currency to USD?

    I just try kiatng sourcecode here
    which i manage to make paypal appear when i use myr as base currency. However, i need to change the currency selector to USD first if i want to proceed the payment with PayPal.

    I also found this extension IW_PaypalStandardCurrencies but it not compatible with magento

    Will you share your modification code with me and others?…If not, how much you will charge for it?

    Thank you.

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