Adsense is Buying Me a Holiday

I love Google Adsense. Adsense has always make me excited when the clicks and income just keep increasing. Part of the reason, I love statistics and $$. Despite the recent Google smack of my Page Rank, I will be receiving my Adsense income again next month! Woohooo!

Most of this income will be used for my upcoming Mount Kinabalu and white-water rafting in Sabah. Care to donate to my Sabah trip fund raising programme? :D

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  1. hi, I am newbie here, just pass by your blog and found that I like to read it.
    can you teach me how to earn money with that?
    only adsense can really buy a holiday?
    Thanks :)

    Hi there. Thank you for reading my blog. I am not a big earner of Adsense but this current blog you are reading gives me consistent income without much effort – of course after some time publishing good content.

    When I started with Adsense, all I wanted was to earn money. I didn’t have any passion on topics to write and wrote aimlessly on my personal blog. That didn’t really earn me much.

    Soon I discovered passion on writing on a certain topic of interest is the main criteria to success. You will need
    a) a blog or website
    b) with useful content which is often searched by people through search engines
    c) which will drive traffic to your blog
    d) and ultimately increase the click-through rate of your Google Ads

    I recommend to place the ads where the human focus on and change the colours and size to ensure they don’t stick out like advertisement. Link ads works better than image ads. You can read the guide by Google here.

    I have not written much on Google Adsense. However, there are many guides out there. For a start, you can refer to the following sites (look at the table at the bottom of the page)

    Best thing about Adsense is, you don’t need to pay a single cent to join. You only need to invest time and perhaps money on building content of your site/blog. Should you need more guidance on starting a blog to generate some income using Adsense, you can email me at contact[at]

    However, I do not spoon feed. You will need to learn a few easy skills on your own. :) I can only share the tips. By the way, do you blog?

  2. Hi malcolm,

    I have a question about Blogging

    Im new to blogging…i created a blog in BLOGGER(free account)

    i posted some information about electronic devices. Something i am familiar with as i work in the electronic industry.

    But when i searched for my post on Google with the exact title my blog didnt appear at all. I wnt thru many gogle search resaults but is still couldnt see my post.

    Im wondering…if I register in Adsense and adverts are made avail on my blog, i wont get any response/hits as ppl would be able to find my blog in the first place.

    i think im doing something wrong….any ideas…..

    thanks in advance

  3. Hi Malcom,

    Is good to see that the ‘big brother google’ is sponsoring your holiday..actually i’m also a adsense publisher and currently using ‘blogger’ as my blog..due to over excited with the so many ways of using adsense ‘trick’ i was ban by adsense 4 times(crazy hah?) and now i’m running out add to use for my new acc sign up.. I’m planning to buy my own domain and hosting..but there is so many choices on the net and make me confused which one to choose..i was wondering if u could
    1-recommend me any website for me to buy domain/hosting
    2-until now i still confused the different between .com/.net/.org and others
    As u know google is very ‘caring’ to their advertiser and will ban all treats if they found and by using blogger is like standing in front of the ‘firing squad’ and that why i really need your opinion.



    Hi Faiz. I only recommend you to try legal ways to increase your Adsense income. Using Blogger or your own hosted blog does not make any difference. You will still be standing in front of their “firing squad”.

    1. If you are a starter, you can buy any shared hosting out there. If you are a non-technical person, have limited budget and require a hosted WordPress blog, you can subscribe to services of I can also host for you if you need to.

    2. .com is mainly for companies, .net for technology related sites and .org is mainly for organizations especially NGOs. If your visitors will be from every corner of the earth then use any of those international domain names.

  4. Hi Malcom,
    Thank for replying to my q..

    You just gave me a clue about ‘web hosting’…give me sometimes to do the research on ‘share hosting’ and i’ll definitely will come back to your blog again.

    Thank you so much..

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