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Magento Shopping Cart Installation

When MagentoCommerce was finally released for production use on 31’st March 2008, open source e-commerce has finally evolved. The long wait for a bespoke open source shopping cart software is finally over.

I have installed several preview versions in a few Linux servers which are located mainly in Malaysia or the US. From my experience, installation of Magento version 1.0 is a breeze. Despite being a newly-launched product and written from the ground up, Magento’s features in both [Read more →]

Adsense is Buying Me a Holiday

I love Google Adsense. Adsense has always make me excited when the clicks and income just keep increasing. Part of the reason, I love statistics and $$. Despite the recent Google smack of my Page Rank, I will be receiving my Adsense income again next month! Woohooo!

Most of this income will be used for my upcoming Mount Kinabalu and white-water rafting in Sabah. Care to donate to my Sabah trip fund raising programme? :D