Maybank Visa Debit Card will be E-commerce Ready

Maybank Visa Debit Card
Around June 2008, Maybank is scheduled to enable online transactions for their Visa Debit card. I am keeping my fingers crossed after receiving the following email from Maybank.

At present, we don’t allow e-commerce transaction for Visa Debit. This facility will be introduced in the near future. We are targeting June 2008, to enable the e-commerce acceptance for Visa Debit.

Update – 12 July 2009
I have managed to register Maybank Visa Debit card for online transactions and added the card to PayPal.

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  1. That would be very useful indeed! However, since the card is linked to a deposit account, do you foresee any high risk issues in terms of security?


    Dear Penny,
    Thank you for your question. Visa treats both their debit and credit cards the same. If you lodge any charge back, your card issuer like Maybank will fight on your behalf. Further, the Maybank Visa Debit card will likely be Verified by Visa when it allows online transactions.

    You can refer to question number 14 on security features of Maybank Visa Debit card.

  2. […] number of people applying for it, I received the card within one hour. It should be noted that according to the bank, the card is not yet ready for internet transactions and this was confirmed when I […]

  3. Do you know when its coming online?


    Hi Amirul,
    We will let you know when it is available for online transactions. There are rumours that the card can be used for online transactions in July.

  4. i’m still confused whether we have to replace the card with the one the one that have our name, because i think the main reason why maybankard visa debit is still unavailable for online transaction is because it doesn’t have our name embedded on it. am i correct malcolm?

    Hi sorensen. The reason is simply Maybank has not activated Maybank Visa Debit Card for online transactions, period. It is still June. We shall wait until end of this month.

  5. since banks introduce debit card that encourage people using cashless transaction, but do we have to pay extra 2% of total expenses (usually at small shops)? we are not borrowing money, we are paying cash but in electronically way.

    buy furniture total RM1000 + 2% = RM1020.

    Hi Amin. By right the small shops should not pass the 2% fees to consumers. But since almost nobody complain about, it has become a norm in Malaysia.

  6. The maybank visa debit card..
    Now its the card ready for online services?


    Hi Zularif. No, it is not ready for e-commerce transaction online.

  7. hmm the visa debit card i use RM10 thn they deduct RM100..will i really get back the RM90 after few days of working days? i call up they say will…


    Hi Nicholas.
    You will have to trust them. :)

  8. Dear Malcolm,

    I’m a bit scared and dissapointed after reading all the critics about Maybankard Visa Debit because I just got it today and I actually change it without a good reason as I was just following what everyone does. Now I’m a bit confuse should I not change back the card to my previous bankard and do I actually allow to do that? : (

    Hi there. Sooner or later Maybank will allow e-commerce transactions for this card. I will advise you to keep this cool card as you can use at any merchants worldwide accepting Visa cards offline. All Visa merchants processes both their credit and debit cards. Besides being an ATM card, your Maybankard Visa Debit can also be used at petrol stations. Best of all, you don’t exactly need a credit card even when you are out of the country. It is a good replacement of a credit card minus all the fees and interest rates. We can only keep our fingers cross or pray Maybank will allow us to add this card to PayPal and allow withdrawal of PayPal funds. Cheers!

  9. Dear Malcolm,

    Thank you for the quick reply. I’m relief. I shall keep this card since I’m going to Singapore next year which I think it’s gonna be really useful by then.

  10. i’m curious abt the usage of the cards online. say i’m buying air tickets (firefly, for example)..can i still use this card. sorry for the stupid question though.. thanx


    hi there. As far as I know, you can’t use it online now. However, kindly check with your branch or call your card services department number behind your card for the latest update.

  11. Wow. It’s 2009 now, and I don’t think the card can be used for internet transactions…sigh. I really hope that this year the card will be ready….

  12. Seems like there’s still alot for them to improve this card. At first i thought of applying it to use it as a “credit card”,but since we can’t buy airtickets or book hotel online. There’s no point anymore for me..=)

  13. Hi Malcolm, so…is there any new news on this debit card? It’s already 2009…

  14. Hi Amira. No news yet. Perhaps we will try to contact them after CNY. Their front line staff doesn’t seem to have a clue. You can also add the card to PayPal and let us know the outcome. =)

  15. hi

    I called them twice 2 different responds:
    1- in the new year (2009) it will be activated for overseas

    2- you cant use it for online purpose. you just can use it in ATM machine( with visa or maybank logo) and direct shoping.

    and i couldnt use it to get my paypal account verified
    thats useless!!!!!!

  16. I tried adding the card on paypal, but it got rejected…sigh. (and after trying to use it online again and again, my card can’t be used at the ATM machines, haha)
    I changed the card to debit card because I thought it’ll be useful for paypal.

    And now it seems like it can never be used with paypal. =(

  17. Hi Amira. I am quite the guys at Maybank are not so dumb to change their minds when we demand for online usage.

  18. I got this card when replacing my lost maybank atm card a couple of months ago and was all excited about being able to use it online, but was told by customer support that it was not “e-commerce enabled” after the fact.

    I was tempted by a couple of posts on blogs maintained by people similarly (duped) by maybank about the Public Bank Visa Electron Debit card which is touted as being e-commerce capable and accepted by paypal to boot. However, the hassle of having to maintain two separate bank accounts made me decide to get a tune card instead, which I discovered on similar posts on the same blogs.

    Now, I am using a tune card, which works fine for all of the online purchases including, airline tickets and purchases of goods/services from foreign online merchants. I haven’t registered a paypal account yet so I can’t personally vouch for the card being “paypal friendly”, though it is, by all accounts accepted by paypal and at least two web sites I’ve come across have documented successful attempts to convert paypal funds into cash using the tune card.

  19. You don’t exactly need to have 2 Public Bank Account to use Public Bank’s Visa Electron. Just apply for the Visa Electron will do.

  20. Hi malcolm, just get this atm card today, try to buy something on the internet, when done fill my card information but it say my information invalid. This card still cant use for online shopping yet?

  21. Hi townnet. No, Maybank hasn’t allow e-commerce transactions for this card.

  22. So… credit card is the only way?

  23. Hi townnet. You can use Public Bank Visa Electron, RHB Tesco Visa debit card and another Visa credit cards allowed by PayPal and your bank.

  24. U mean i need to open paypal a/c? ok, this is my case here, i play mgo online game on ps3, when i want to buy a new maps for the game, it needs me to fill in credit card code, i try to use maybank atm card with the VISA logo fill in information, finally unsucces. So i know that credit card is the only way. (But i didnt have).
    I dont think so paypal can help me, Anyway thanks for your reply.

  25. U mean i need to open paypal a/c? ok, this is my case here, i play mgo online game on ps3, when i want to buy a new maps for the game, it needs me to fill in credit card code, i try to use maybank atm card with the VISA logo fill in information, finally unsucces. So i know that credit card is the only way. (But i didnt have).
    I dont think so paypal can help me, Anyway thanks for your reply.

  26. hi townnet. You can use other debit cards (Master or Visa) such as Public Bank Visa Electron to purchase online. You only use PayPal if the site requires PayPal and not credit card/debit card.

  27. i don’t know when it started, but i just realize that maybankard visa debit is ready for online transactions today. just login into your maybank2u acc and follow the validation process. at last!!!

  28. sorensen. I didn’t manage to get my Maybank Visa Debit card registered for online shopping. You can check my blog post at here. Any idea what could have gone wrong?

  29. i don’t think there’s anything wrong, just that i believe maybank just activated MSOS for maybankard visa debit within this week. read this page on how to activate ur card for online transaction:

  30. also you can read the FAQs here:

  31. owh.. sorry for giving wrong answers. just noticed which post u actually referred to :)

  32. Im trying to do it, but cant seem to get through the personal assurance message. this is so lame. such a bugger.

  33. I managed to register and it was successful..but i tried to make online purchase many times it turned out..failed failed failed…
    I don’t know what went wrong…i can assume now this Maybank Visa Debit Card is so unreliable..

  34. zularif: it’s not the card that always faulty.. sometimes u need to refer to the merchant that u gonna have transaction with.. i just bought some movie tickets from TGV website last week with the card, and everything was ok..

  35. Hi, recently i use maybank2u card buy something at carefour. The procedure very simple, she ask me to sign name only. No need key in any password. A very serious problem appear in my mind. No need key in password? That means any person also can use my card, What happen if my card missing? when the time i reliazed is already too late. Now my point is, can this card make any security settings?

  36. That was the problem when i applied for the card last year (the same day i created my maybank account). I choose the debit card as my option in the application form, but at the counter they almost gave me the conventional atm card. The reason was i lived too far from that branch, so they were afraid that i’m gonna have problem if the card is lost or stolen.

    But nothing much we could do about it, since i’m thinking more on the function rather than those problems. The only thing we can do is to keep the card as good as possible. Afterall, isn’t that the same way u use while paying with credit cards? :)

  37. Hi townnet. Although it is a debit card, that is basically how a credit card is processed at the terminal. Merchants rarely compare your signature with the one one the reverse of your card.

    Debit cards are not as attractive as credit cards unless you have really a lot of money in your account. If you do lose your card, please call your bank’s card services number which is on the reverse of the card (which you can ask your friend who has similar cards).

  38. Hi, I’m a Malaysian but currently in Singapore.
    I was wondering how much will I be charged if i were to use my Maybank debit card to purchase items over the counter which is a foreign merchant?
    I have activated my card for overseas transaction thru the atm machine back in Malaysia before I left.
    I want to use it directly at the counter instead of withdrawing from the machine.

  39. There is only foreign exchange rates when you purchase overseas. Foreign exchange rates fluctuates.

  40. upon purchasing online… once they ask u for ur ‘on card name’ what should you enter?

  41. Hi James. Enter the name on card as per your bank account holder name (which is most likely the same as in your IC)

  42. sorry to bother u guys…i just want to know…if i change my card to a debit card right now and do the msos thing…i can buy things online??? whether it is localy or foreign site….??? i just want to know because i want to buy something in germany using online purchasing…it accept visa…so i thought of using this maybank visa debit card……and one other thing….what is a prepaid visa debit card…such as tune card??

  43. Hi Rezdwan. Yes, you can buy things online from local or foreign websites once you enabled MSOS.

    However, by default the limit of your Maybank Visa debit card for online transaction is RM 500 per day. You will have to increase this at the ATM machine. Please consult any Maybank staff or you can read this comment here.

  44. Hi, could this card be used just like a credit card at any part of the world, is there a forseen trouble in it in the past?

  45. Hi Jagan. By right you can use it anywhere in the world where Visa are accepted. The issue will be the spending limit on the card which you have to increase it at the ATM machine before you go overseas.

    Please consult Maybank’s staff for more accurate information.

  46. Hi Malcolm, I tried purchasing tickets on airasia website. I was directed to the visa verification page. It seemed that I entered the correct password because I had it written down somewhere right after I activated the MSOS function. But the transaction failed. I tried again for 3 times and now my account is locked. I called the customer service hotline and was told to reset the password on Tried that but was unsuccessful. I live outside Malaysia so it’s not too convenient to keep calling the hotline. Do you have any ideas what could be wrong and how to go about fixing this problem? Thanks!

  47. Hi Helen. Reset your MSOS and not your Maybank2u password. Resetting of MSOS is done in your Maybank2u account tied to this card.

    I have done this resetting without calling them. Calling their customer support takes ages!

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