Unable to withdraw PayPal Funds to Maybankard Visa Debit

Maybank Visa Debit CardAs of March 2008, PayPal funds could not be withdrawn to the newly launched Maybankard Visa Debit. Even a commenter on my blog and a member at eBay.com.my forum shared similar experience. This issue is not surprising as the card is being launched last week.

Should Maybank allow withdrawals of PayPal funds to their Visa Debit card in the near future, the following are some compelling reasons for you to get this Visa Debit card:

  • Avoid cash advance fee: If you plan to withdraw your PayPal funds at the ATM, Visa Debit card helps you to avoid cash advance fee imposed on credit cards used to withdraw cash from ATM machines. With Visa Debit, withdrawal at Maybank ATM is free. RM 12 is imposed for each withdrawal overseas on PLUS platform (see the PLUS logo on some ATM machines?)
  • One card for liquid cash: If you used to have a debit card to withdraw your PayPal funds and another Bankcard ATM card, you only need one card now to manage your liquid cash in your bank account. This Visa Debit card supports Bankcard/MEPS platform (support of local banks’ ATMs) – card to support your local and overseas transactions.
  • Save on Fees: Card renewal is free of charge. There is no annual fee to maintain like most ATM cards in Malaysia. In short, it is free for life as well!
  • Save Time: Now you need less time to manage your money. Similar to Al Rajhi Visa ATM Debit card, Maybank’s Visa Debit is tied to savings or current account. If there is any payment at Visa merchants or ATM withdrawal, funds are deducted directly from your savings or current account. If you are cash rich and do not rely on credit, you can say goodbye to monthly payment of credit card bills.
  • Shop Overseas: Like any other Visa credit card holders, you can make payment with this Visa Debit card at more than 29 million Visa merchants worldwide including online merchants. If you were to shop overseas, please notify Maybank.
  • Shop in Malaysia: You can use this card at any outlet displaying Bankcard logo in Malaysia. There are about 26000 local merchants accepting Bankcard payment including Carrefour.
  • Petrol Pumps and Hotels: Unlike Public Bank’s Visa electron, you can use this card at petrol station pumps and hotels.
  • TreatPoints: You earn 1 TreatPoints for every RM 3.00 spent. TreatPoints are redeemable under Maybank‚Äôs TreatsPoints programme.

Update – 12 July 2009
I have managed to add my Maybank Visa Debit card to PayPal and have registered the card for online transactions.

13 Responses to “Unable to withdraw PayPal Funds to Maybankard Visa Debit”

  1. too bad it is not accepted….but i dun haf paypal fund to try also..hehe

  2. Nice tips! I am also considering public bank visa debit card, but currently don’t have any account with them, would certainly prefer maybank if their’s can work with paypal :)

  3. it is a shame actually if it cant link with paypal, as paypal provides international getaway to online shopping n selling eg e-bay. Can it link with google checkout? the main purpose for me is to be able to use the “visa” thing for online transaction. If this card cant do that, might as well throw it to the CEO’s face

    The card has just been launched last month. You can read my post here on the card’s e-commerce capability.

    We will have to wait until it is e-commerce ready to use with Google Checkout or anywhere online.

  4. Yup as it is just launch for a few month. I called maybank and asked them when are we able to use use it for internet transaction. And he answer After June this year.

  5. OMG! So I can’t use it for online shopping until June???


    Hi Yennifer.
    You said it correctly.

  6. so, can i can use this card to verify paypal account?


    Hi there. Not until Maybank allows e-commerce transaction for the card.

  7. According to Maybank, the card will be available for online transactions by July, 2008. Can’t wait…


    Thanks for the update!

  8. just got the debit card today.. i already thought about this problem but forfunately i applied for it.. hopefully it will be working for online transaction in july :)

  9. where can i fund my paypal account with credit card online.


    Hi Michael,
    You just need to add a credit card or debit card to your PayPal account. This is how:
    1. Log into your account at PayPal.com
    2. Click on the menu “Profile” –> “Add or Edit Credit Card”.

  10. Hi Mal,
    Do u think Al-Rajhi Bank Debit Card can do internet transaction like purchase and withdraw ?

    Thank for yr advice in advance. :)

  11. Hi Jeff, Al-Rajhi Visa Debit card can only be used for withdrawal of PayPal funds.

  12. Mal,

    U mean i can’t do payment with Al Rajhi Bank Debit Card ? Which is the best Debit Card u recommend for Online transactions for receive and payment through Paypal, Pls advice. TQ

  13. Hi Jeff. I recommend either Maybank’s Visa Debit card or Public Bank’s Visa Electron for online transactions, receiving and making payment through PayPal.

    Public Bank’s Visa Electron has been very reliable. Maybank’s Visa Debit is relatively new.

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