Mario Teaches My Parents Typing

marioteachestyping.jpgIt excites me to see my parents learning to use the computer at home. I had taught my mum to send and receive emails after creating an email for her. But typing on the keyboard has been a pain for them. My mum took a typing course many years ago had a certificate for that while my dad had no typing basic. Nevertheless my mum is back to square one after not touching the typewriter for ages.

This Chinese New Year, my dad enquired if Mario Teaches Typing is available for download. I recalled learning to type the fun and correct way. I googled for it and ta-da! We found the original MS-DOS version of Mario Teaches Typing.

I helped download the software, placed it in a directory somewhere in the computer and created an MS-DOS short cut on the desktop so that they can double click on the icon to run it at anytime.

If you are a slow typist especially when you are about to enroll in a university soon, download this software and learn how to type today. You may also download from here.

The game/software may look childish but it doesn’t bored you to death. Most importantly, you can type your reports or assignments almost error free at the 50 words a minute?!!

*Note: Image taken from Wikipedia

2 Responses to “Mario Teaches My Parents Typing”

  1. Yes I can. I can type faster than that :p


  2. not bad wor, your mum still able to write and read email…

    i try to teach my mum to view my blog, after about 1 hour, she only manage to open the browser and open my blog home page…

    It is ok. It takes a lot of patience and time to teach elder people to use the computer. I hope my parents will be IT-savvy people soon. :)

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