Apply for Al Rajhi Bank’s Visa ATM Debit Card From Home

Are you a busy person in Klang Valley but need a card to withdraw your PayPal funds? If yes, read on.

Public Bank’s Visa Electron is not the only debit card which allows withdrawal of PayPal funds. Al Rajhi Bank’s Visa ATM Debit Card-i has worked for a number of Malaysian PayPal account holders. This ATM Debit Card-i is issued when you apply for Al Rajhi’s Savings or Current account.

If you live in Klang Valley and have no time to visit the nearest branch, you can make an appointment with a staff of Al Rajhi Bank to deliver the card to you wherever you are in Klang Valley.

The procedure:

  1. Decide if you want a savings or current account (with cheque book). A minimum of RM 20 is required to open a savings account. If you decide to apply for a current account, be prepared with your RM 500.
  2. Make a photocopy of your IC (front and back on the same page)
  3. Download, print and fill up this form.
  4. Email Mr Muhammad Hafez Musa at muhammad-hafez.musa[at] of Al Rajhi Kajang to make an appointment to meet at a location of your convenience. Inform him that you require either a savings account or current account with the Visa ATM Debit card.
  5. Submit the photocopy of IC, form and initial deposit (RM 20 or RM 500) for your account registration when you meet him. You will then be given your Visa Debit Card-i.
  6. Add your Visa Debit Card to you PayPal account and enroll in Expanded Use Program to verify your PayPal account.
  7. You are done!

Some FAQs
1. Is there any additional charge besides the initial deposit in my account?
Answer: No. According to Mr Hafez, he has nothing to gain. (Disclaimer: I am not responsible if any staff ask for service charge. Please decline the request if any Al Rajhi bank staff ask for it. It is their job and duty.)

2. How fast can I get my PIN to my card?
Answer: When you receive the Visa ATM Debit card. You can change at the nearest Al Rajhi Bank ATM machine.

3. Will I receive a passbook for this Savings or Current Account?
Answer: No. No passbook will be issued. There will only be online statements and statements delivered to your address as enjoyed by credit card holders.

4. Are Al Rajhi Bank staff allowed to sign up card holders by meeting up outside banks?
Answer: Yes. It is like any bank setting up booths to sign up credit card holders from time to time.

30 Responses to “Apply for Al Rajhi Bank’s Visa ATM Debit Card From Home”

  1. I visited them about 2 months ago checking on the withdrawal of PayPal funds and the staff confirmed that they do not undertake such transactions.

    Dear Sandie. Correction. Their Visa Debit card allows withdrawal of PayPal funds but not as a funding source in your PayPal account to make payment.

  2. I want use AL-Rajhi Bank’s Visa ATM Debit Card. So how can i apply now? I m foreign student.

    Mohammad Raihan Mazumder


    Yes. You can even though you are foreigner.

  3. beside al rahji and public bank, you can use tune card.
    easy to apply, and can apply online.

    visit my blog to know more


    Tune Money card is another good option. But one of the disadvantage is you can’t avoid charges when withdrawing at bank ATM machines. If you use a Visa Electron issued by Public Bank and use Public Bank’s ATM to withdraw your funds, there won’t be charges (charges waived by Public Bank). It makes sense for banks to charge if you withdraw from funds not from their ATM machines.

  4. Thanks Malcolm. I may apply this card. Haha. I think this Al-Rajhi must better for withdraw money from paypal account.


  5. halo, malcolm… i’m from ipoh… so can i apply it… can u post the card on my door step? thanks!

  6. Hi Wayne. It is only limited to Klang Valley only. =)

  7. hi..i live at klang to apply this card in online?

  8. Hi Rizal. There is no online application available. You can visit their nearest branch to apply for one.

  9. how long does it take the cards to be process? is it quicker than PB Visa debit process?

  10. hi mark tan. If i am not mistaken, you get the card on the spot.

  11. Hai Malcolm.

    Great info you got there but most of our frens a really in a dead point as they dont really understand. But you had made it clear.

    Yes we can withdraw money from paypal from Al Rajhi bank. Just get the Saving I plan or the Mudharabah Savings Account-i coz you may want to invest also.

    Best thing hasle freemoney withdrawal with Al Rajhi bank with minimum fees. Not like other bank. Tune money you can forget them also coz I did put a enquiries and yet they had responded.


  12. Hi Shaffir. What do your friends don’t understand? Mind sharing?

  13. No #4 is so complicated. You need to make an appointment?!

  14. Ni Nazz. If you can’t you can always visit the nearest Al-Rajhi branch.

  15. hi malcolm,
    just to reaffirm what i’ve read so far

    1) al rajhi visa debit card CANNOT be used to verify paypal acct.
    2) al rajhi visa debit card CAN be used to withdraw paypal funds into.

    … do correct me if i got it wrong..

  16. just to add.. so visa electron by PB is the ONLY debit card that can be used to verify paypal accts ? …. in Malaysia

  17. Hi faizudin,
    1) al rajhi visa debit card CANNOT be used to verify paypal acct. – Correct at the moment
    2) al rajhi visa debit card CAN be used to withdraw paypal funds into. – Correct at the moment

    There are other other debit cards you can add to PayPal including Tunemoney and very soon Maybank Visa Debit Card.

  18. hi malcolm,

    So PB visa electron would it be a better option since i hav an account with them? wut is the minimun of cash needed to b in the card to sign up wit paypal?


  19. Hi Alvin. If you have a savings or current account with them, you can set to transfer funds from your bank account to your card when it reaches a certain amount. You can ask Public Bank’s staff about it.

    Besides maintaining the minimum RM 25 in your card at all times, you need another USD 1.95 to be a PayPal verified user. If you have RM 25 in the card, you cannot buy anything with the card, be it online or offline.

  20. Hi Mal,

    Kindly advise me, in order to sell in ebay US or UK they need a credit card.
    Can the Alrahji Visa Debit be used ?
    & once they collect their monthly fees after bid ended, we have to pay.
    Can the Alrahji Visa Debit be used ?

    Kindly advise the best way & option as I wanted to sell & pay their fees.
    thanks in advance bro. lee

  21. Hi Lee. Unfortunately you can’t use Al-Rajhi Visa Debit for payments through PayPal or eBay as far as I know. You can use other credit or debit cards like Public Bank’s Visa Electron, RHB-Tesco Visa debit or Tune Money.

  22. Hi Mal, Thanks for the advise. i prefer debit card, as im a foreign student.

    another thing, can the cards mention above use to open/register an eBay account to sell in US/UK ?

    & once paypal setup, can i pay eBay selling/listing fees using paypal ?
    or can i use debit cards mention above ?
    to open/register eBay & pay listing fees ?

    my problem is, i want to sell in eBay US/UK, but dunno how to go about it.
    thanks in advance bro, lee

  23. Hi Lee. Yes, you can use the cards mentioned to open an eBay/PayPal account.

    You can use both your cards or via PayPal to pay for your fees. I have done it before.

  24. hi malcom…like to ask do Al-Rajhi current acc. required introducer to open D` Acc. ?

  25. Hi myyjourney. I don’t think so since it is not a company current account.

  26. I just got my Al Rajhi Bank Visa Debit Card. Logged into my paypal account to get it linked or adding a card, however, kept getting this message This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was… There are sufficient funds in my savings account. What am I doing wrong?

  27. Kyle. Al-Rajhi Bank’s Visa Debit card is only for withdrawal of funds. It can’t be used as a funding source until Al-Rajhi Bank allows it.

  28. Malcom i recieved visa card from bank so i hav to activate my card… can you please tell me the procedure how to activate my visa card online…

  29. Hi Hashem. Which bank issued your Visa card? Al-Rajhi? What do you mean activate your Visa card online?

  30. Hi Hashem can I use Al-Rajhi Bank’s Visa Debit card for oversea flight on line booking ? Example Qatar Airway or Etihad Airway.

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