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Every story I hear or read on eBay sellers just inspires me to start on my own. Sometime last year, I have attended 2 preview sessions with chiica.com. Although I did sign up for an eBay.com account in 2006, but I never used it until August/September 2007. I signed up for the OnRamp (over-the-phone tutorial programme) where I was guided on setting up an eBay.com account, added my PayPal account to it and listed my first item on eBay. Eureka! I did manage to sell the holographic mousepad given away by eBay. That was history for me, and the financial thing is another thing. Like all of our payroll options, our small business payroll integrates with other Paychex services through Paychex Flex to help you take your organization where it needs to go with payroll services. Be sure to find the best online payroll software for your business.

So anyways since then, I haven’t had enough time to think about starting a serious online business. So I reached out to ask advice from some successful businessmen like Andy Defrancesco on how to start an eBay business. Now, I have major projects ahead, attending to customers who are beginning to sell online, blog articles to write as well as trying to synchronize mails in Thunderbird which I use in both Ubuntu and Windows of this laptop.

So when will I ever start? :) I desperately need to sell some of my books. You can purchase from me directly. Click here to check it out.

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  1. Hi Malcolm,

    I knew that I am new to this online Ebay thing, would appreciate if you can share your two cents worth here.
    I came to understand that currently we have two well experienced ladies in Msia who are quite expert in dealing with Ebay activities.
    Infact I think they are the only one that recognised by Ebay as official “guru”
    They run their own company and do conduct courses and seminars for those who wish to learn more about Ebay. But I think to be fair I shall not mentioned name here. However I realised that their seminar participation’s fees are around 1K plus.

    As currently I am unable to command any income; yet I am tight on my budget, so forking out 1K plus for the seminar is really something I cant afford right now.
    What’s your second opinion for this matter:-
    i) Should I just sign up for the seminar?
    ii) Or learn by trial and error on Ebay myself? (I dont mind though its takes a while to learn by first hand)
    iii) Or buy books relating to Ebay from major bookstores in KL downtown?

    Any feedback from you guys is appreciated. Thank you.


    Dear Jessica,
    My replies are below.

    i) Should I just sign up for the seminar?
    Reply: If you have the money to spare now, I do recommend you to sign up for their seminar.

    ii) Or learn by trial and error on Ebay myself? (I dont mind though its takes a while to learn by first hand)
    Reply: Most eBayers learn on their own. Alternatively, seminars by Chiica.com (run by Chris and Carol) shares their real life experiences which you could help you avoid common mistakes made by eBayers.

    iii) Or buy books relating to Ebay from major bookstores in KL downtown?
    Reply: There are many books out there which you can try. There are some good materials online like on eBay university etc

    Learning on your own is a slower process.
    I have only attended the preview of their seminars and took the free OnRamp course which is conducted on the phone for 2 sessions. Before the OnRamp session, I had a verified PayPal account and an eBay.com account. The OnRamp programme helped me add my PayPal to my eBay.com and listed my first item!

  2. Hi good evening,
    Is there any difference between signing up my ebay account in ebay.com and ebay.com.my?

    If I signed up my account on Ebay Malaysia site, will I still be able to sell my things to or in USD? (to anyone in the world)?

    Thank you for your help so far. Thanks Malcolm.


    Hi there. The info which I will provide is about 6 months old. But I believe it is still the same.

    When you sign up on either site, your username and password can be used on any of eBay’s site. That means you only sign up once.

    When you log into eBay.com and eBay.com.my, you will notice the interface are a little different although somewhat similar. You can still list your products in international eBay sites like eBay.com.au, eBay.co.uk and eBay.com although you are working in the eBay.com.my interface/control panel. There will be a section requesting if you would like to list your product for other countries (other eBay sites). If you are listing your product in eBay.com.my, you are assumed to be listing for eBay.com.my only. Similarly if you are listing your product through the eBay.com control panel, by default your products will be listed at eBay.com only.

    On another note, if you have logged into your eBay.com.my control panel, you will still need to log again (with the same username+password) if you would like to use the eBay.com which usually have more functions than eBay.com.my control panel.

  3. Making first purchase (bidding) on Ebay USA.

    Can you kindly advice me what should I do becos I intend to make my first purchase (bidding) on Ebay.com

    Should I just enter my CC no and this options will considered as unverified, is it? (limited to USD100)?
    What shall I do as the listing is closing soon and I’ve yet to place a bid. Thanks for your help.

    Can I add my Citibank credit card to my PayPal and made this card as funding? Later when the transactions appear on statement, I’ll pay Citibank.
    Is this method make sense…Kindly advice please….

    Dear Jessica,

    Once the bid is over and you won the bid, the seller will contact you and will request for a PayPal payment via his eBay control panel. You will just need to settle the request for payment in your PayPal account –> “Send Money” tab –> “Pay for eBay Items”. Your Citibank credit card can be a source of funding you have mentioned.

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