Common Problem of Visa Electron and PayPal Expanded Use Program

First time Public Bank’s Visa Electron card users, please read the following before getting verified by PayPal.

I frequently receive questions from Visa Electron card holders of Public Bank that they are unable to enroll in PayPal’s Expanded Use Program after adding their card to their PayPal account.

If you are facing this issue, please make sure your Visa Electron has more than RM 25 even after enrolling in the Expanded Use Program. To be enrolled in the program, you will need USD 1.95 on top of RM 25 in your card.

If you have RM 35 before enrolling for the Expanded Use Program, your enrollment will most likely be successful. The idea here is to always maintain RM 25 at all times even after any transaction. Remember, it is not a credit card! Always make sure after having a good dinner with your girlfriend, you still have credits in your card! In this case, there is always RM 25 after any transaction.

On another note, you can ensure that you can auto-transfer funds from your existing Public Bank account to your Visa Electron. However, there is a certain limit per day.

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  1. Hi,
    I’m confused about the Expanded Use Program. Can you explain in detail?

    You mention in your post:
    “To avoid cash advance fees, I suggest you get a Visa debit card like Visa Electron if you want to cash out at the ATM machines.”

    Is it meaning that we can get the money in our debit card by using the ATM machine? So, meaning that we can get the cash?

    Please reply and thanks in advance. Thanks for sharing all the tips. ;-)


    Dear Lee,
    Thank you for your question. Basically Expanded Use Program verifies that you are the genuine owner of the card added to your PayPal account. When you opt to join this Expanded Use Program (done within your PayPal account), USD 1.95 will be charged to your card and that USD 1.95 will be transferred to your PayPal account. Yes, PayPal doesn’t rob this small fee. :)

    When this transaction appears in your card, a 4-digit number will appear for that transaction as well. This number is called “Expanded Use Number”. You will then be required to enter this number in your PayPal account to complete the Expanded Use Program enrollment.

    You can click here to check how it is done.

  2. Oh, I see. Thanks but 1 more question.

    After we get the money in PayPal to our Public Visa Electron Debit Card, can we use the Public Visa Electron Debit Card to get cash in RM from Public Bank?

    Thanks. ;-)


    Yes. :)

  3. Thanks.. ;-)

    I’m going to work hard to earn money to my PayPal account.

    Thanks a lot!!!

    Would you like to link exchange?

    Will do when I have the time. Thanks.

  4. Hi Malcolm,

    Just a question. If I only intend to become a seller on Ebay, do I need to ADD my CC on PayPal and get it Verified? I hought this steps would only applicable to Buyer only? Is it not? Hope you dont mind to clarify? Thanks.


    Hi there,
    Yes. You have to add a credit card or debit card to your PayPal account to be a verified seller. If not how are your customers going to trust you? PayPal would also limit the amount you can receive and you will not be allowed to withdraw your PayPal funds.

  5. Thanks Malcolm,
    in this case, Is it alright if I Add my Citibank Visa credit card for PayPal (for verify purpose)

    Can I also use the same Citibank Visa credit card when creating a Seller Account on Ebay (for verify purpose)?

    Can I use the same Citibank Visa credit card for both Paypal and Ebay
    Thanks for your reply.


    Hi there,
    Yes. It is all right to add your Citibank Visa credit card to both PayPal and eBay. I don’t recall having the need to add the card to eBay as my PayPal account has that card attached. But you can use your credit card to pay eBay fees because eBay does not allow Malaysian eBay account holders to pay eBay fees with their PayPal account. How weird.

  6. what dose this rm measure mean


    RM is Ringgit Malaysia or Malaysian Ringgit. It is the currency of Malaysia – a small country between Thailand and Singapore and with 2 states on the Borneo Island.

  7. Rm 25 top up is silly. but anyway, we have to do that then, I had the same problem.. thanks for the help!

  8. RM 25 is just a deposit. You can’t buy anything if you have only RM 25 in the card.

  9. hi Malcolm,

    Let say i have a paypal and like to make biz in RM, do paypal support RM transaction? or is it i only need to advertise my products all in USD?


  10. hi i-cute. Yes, PayPal supports Ringgit since October 2009. You can accept RM in your PayPal account. Do read some of my latest post on PayPal.

  11. hi malcolm,
    thanx for the reply, guess im so excited to ask u somethin here. Yep, after visiting ya blog, im definitely want to have a paypal account.
    Thanx again for the good info & effort to help others. ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶

  12. Malcom, I wanted to ask.

    I’m using a VISA Electron how can I open an account in Pay Pal so I can purchase online???

    Or any other way to use VISA Electron online.

    Thank you in advance, I appreciate if you could email your reply.

    Sorry Hekuran. You can click on the PayPal badge on this blog at the top right to register a PayPal account. Your Visa Electron can be used online anywhere which accepts Visa. Sorry, I am too occupied to reply via email.

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