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Apply for Al Rajhi Bank’s Visa ATM Debit Card From Home

Are you a busy person in Klang Valley but need a card to withdraw your PayPal funds? If yes, read on.

Public Bank’s Visa Electron is not the only debit card which allows withdrawal of PayPal funds. Al Rajhi Bank’s Visa ATM Debit Card-i has worked for a number of [Read more →]

Quit Your Job and Start an eBay Business


Every story I hear or read on eBay sellers just inspires me to start on my own. Sometime last year, I have attended 2 preview sessions with chiica.com. Although I did sign up for an eBay.com account in 2006, but I never used it until August/September 2007. I signed up for the OnRamp (over-the-phone tutorial programme) where I was guided [Read more →]

Common Problem of Visa Electron and PayPal Expanded Use Program

First time Public Bank’s Visa Electron card users, please read the following before getting verified by PayPal.

I frequently receive questions from Visa Electron card holders of Public Bank that they are unable to enroll in PayPal’s Expanded Use Program [Read more →]