Withdraw PayPal Funds to Visa Electron Debit Card

I changed my mind of keeping my PayPal funds and wanted to have a thrill to withdraw for the first time. Why not be part of PayPal history in Malaysia? Coincidentally, I have a Visa Electron Debit Card issued by Public Bank which has been attached to my PayPal account.

Follow the steps below and you will see moolah in your dreams :) Keep fingers cross okay? Hopefully PayPal will not rob your money!

1. First, log into your PayPal account and click on the “Withdraw” menu.

2. Next, click on the link “Transfer funds to your card”. It can either be a credit card, debit card or a prepaid card with a Visa or MasterCard logo on it.

3. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw. If you are withdrawing USD funds, PayPal charges USD 5 per withdrawal. For example, if you enter USD 105 in the amount text box, you will receive USD 100 after deduction of USD 5.

4. Review your withdrawal details. If the details are correct, click on the “Confirm” button. Click only once okay? ;) You may click on the “Edit” button to change the amount. (“Edit” button is not in the picture.)

5. Finally you will be shown a confirmation message that your withdrawal request is in process. Easy ain’t it?

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  1. Hi Malcolm! your post is genius.

    i’m going to be selling online.
    When i sign up for an account with paypal, is there any difference between the personal tab and the business tab? any rates difference?

    So with each payment i receive paypal charge me 2.4% to 3.4% of the total transaction plus USD0.30?

  2. Hi trixie. You can read about types of PayPal accounts and their transaction fees here.

  3. hye! just want to ask..i already verified my paypal account..
    but i want to buy some stuff online..so if i add money to my PB visa electron debit card..can i purchase the stuff online?
    will paypal add the money through my account? let me know..
    hope you can help..plssssssss

  4. Hi Fauzi. PayPal will auto transfer funds from your card to your PayPal account and immediately to the online seller you purchase from which accepts PayPal payments. Your card is a funding source in this case.

  5. ok..but if i just want to send money to someone..to their paypal
    account email..let say i want to send $50 to my friend in USA..
    and he give me their paypal account email..so i top up my PB visa electron debit card..can i send the money to their paypal account?

    let me know

  6. I’m a verified Pay Pal account holder. I verify my account using Ambank Master card then. Now if I wish to withdraw my money in my Pal Pal account, could I use my Ambank Master card or I need to apply a new PB visa electron debit card to withdraw? Could anyone advise me. Thanks in advance

  7. Hi David. For Malaysia, only Visa cards can be use for PayPal funds withdrawal. You can use Public Bank Visa Electron, Maybank Visa Debit card and even RHB-Tesco Visa Debit card,.

  8. Thanks Malcolm. One more question, if I use the Maybank Visa debit card, do I need to verify the debit card before I could withdrawal the fund?

  9. Hi David. You definitely have to verify the debit car before your first withdrawal.

  10. Hi Malcolm, Sarah here. I have just initiated the very first withdrawal but after that, something hits me in my mind.

    I forgot that I haven’t apply to change my name registered for the Visa Electron. However, my PayPal is using my updated name. I wonder what would happen now. Will the transaction fail?

  11. Hi Sarah. The withdrawal should go through.

  12. hello
    I can’t add our bank of baroda debit card to paypal.
    plz solve my problem…

  13. Hi,

    I am intent to apply a Maybank Visa Debit card.

    Anyone using Maybank Visa Debit card and have successful withdraw the money?

    Please advice. Thanks

  14. Hi Mooi Leng. I have a friend who has successfully withdrawn PayPal funds to their Maybank Visa Debit card. However, there have been issues of making payment using Maybank Visa Debit card through PayPal recently.

  15. hey malcom,

    can i ask, is it possible to add same debit card visa electron public bank to two different paypal account?

    I got one acc that has got limited and another one is a brand new acc. I’ve used the debit card to add to the limited pp because i want to withdraw the money after the 180days is over. do u think i’ll be safe if im using the same debit card detail on the new paypal account?

    BTW, im verify both acc using vcc.

    thanks for any answers and helps.

  16. Hi corallinkz. You can’t use the same credit or debit card in 2 PayPal accounts at the same time. You will have to remove it from the other before PayPal allows you to add to the new account.

    By the way, what is VCC?

  17. VCC = virtual credit card…or gift card. Btw, may i know anyone who got a paypal account which force to closed by paypal themself, if want to open again new account with same name, will it get close by paypal too?

  18. hi asdf123. It will be risky to open an account with the same name which has been banned.

  19. hey…one question
    im holding a public bank debit card…
    and i attach the card with paypal…
    how much it charge when i pay with usd in paypal…

  20. hi tak819. PayPal has their own currency conversion rates and I don’t know the amount you are paying.

  21. how about our local bank…do there charge any extra money when we pay usd using paypal…because i have RM700+ in my bank and i only used up $120 and i try to purchase a service which cost $5.00 and it ask me to add fund to bank…

  22. Hi Malcolm,

    It’s really good of PayPal enabling that. I would surely give it a try right away.


  23. hi just want to ask ..how can i get some print out copies of my iremit visa electron card..i need that for my requiremnts.

  24. Hi joannah granada. Are you referring to hard copy statements of your iRemit Visa Electron?

  25. How if i want to pay through paypal?
    How should i transfer money from my saving account/debit card to paypal? and what is the charges? Can i set highest purchase limit? what is paypal minimum purchase limit and what is the charges?
    Thank you.

  26. Hi Kaz. You will not be charged any transaction fee when you make payment via PayPal.

    When you have your credit card or debit card added to your PayPal account, the amount is transferred immediately from your card to your PayPal and then to the merchant.

    Highest purchase limit is not set in PayPal but your credit or debit card.

    Minimum amount is 0.01.

  27. My paypal withdraw to hlb visa debit card also stuck now. withdrawn at 12 Oct 2010, paypal show completed at the next day 13 OCt 2010, but until now 2 Nov 2010, still not reflect in my hlb debit card statement. Already ask hlb online staff at 21 Oct, they say will send to respective unit to check, but until today havent reply.

  28. I also own an Electron VISA debit card, but mine doesn´t seem to link with paypal ):

    Did you have the same problems as well when you first started trying to link it?

    Or did it all go smoothly for you?

    All the information is the same as on the card than on the paypal profile, I check the numbers in as they are but it still shows an error!

  29. Hi There,

    I have Debit card from Public Bank Malaysia and i just want to know is there any branch in south Africa(cape town) so that i can withdraw money? Or i can use them to any banks here? Urgent


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