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Ubuntu Programs

Recently, I have been addicted to chess once again since it is included in the Ubuntu 7.04 release. I just can’t stop playing even during working hours! I just love Ubuntu. It is so easy to install almost any programs you want. You need not download from any website. Most programs can be downloaded within Ubuntu. Programs in Ubuntu are either:

  • officially supported by Ubuntu
  • supported by the Ubuntu community such as WINE (Windows Emulator)

Ubuntu 7.04 is Installed!

This is my first time upgrading Ubuntu using the Update Manager. The update was really slow!! It must be the whole world is downloading via HTTP at the same time. After more than 12 hours of updating, I am now using the latest Ubuntu – Feisty Fawn. I am still figuring out how I can install the proprietary driver for my wireless adapter. I need this badly. Where do I look for Restricted Drivers Manager in Ubuntu 7.04? Any idea?

Ubuntu Should be Out Soon

In less than 24 hours, Ubuntu 7.04 will be released. I just can’t wait for this release as I am eager to get this laptop connected to the Wireless LAN here. This new release of Ubuntu claims to have better support for wireless connectivity. Ubuntu 7.04 was code named Feisty Fawn. Man. I fell in love with Ubuntu!

Installing Ubuntu

I have installed Ubuntu operating system on my ageing PC a few months ago. Installation was a breeze and it works pretty fine until and I am excited that it is very user-friendly. I am installing Ubuntu on my laptop soon. Hopefully it doesn’t crash my other Windows partition like what happened when I installed on my PC. By the way, if you want an alternative to Windows OS, try Ubuntu today!

The Dead Book

I have been borrowing the book “The Complete Reference C# 2.0” for months but I have yet to seriously read and get my hands dirty with some C# codes. It has been lying on this table for ages! The problem is I never like coding on the Microsoft platform. I have like coding in PHP and Java. Since my company’s software is on the Microsoft platform, I have no choice but to learn. Perhaps I should consider stop coding and blog full time while coding in Java whenever I want to.