My Visa Electron Arrived

An annoying friend have been asking a couple of times if I own a credit card. She seems to find me awkward not to have one. Who cares when I have the liquid cash to spend whenever I need? Morever, I do not DREAM to be part of the statistics of young people becoming bankrupts just because of overspending using credit cards and the compound interest rates imposed by the banks.

Credit cards never appeal to me due to the fact that I have the tendency of over spending when I do not see money flowing out of my pocket. While I was an undergradute, my phone bills were the highest among my housemates. Frankly, I love to talk and talk and talk especially with friends who live in another part of this country. I miss those days. By month end, I will be left with almost no money after paying the phone bill in full. I think you can imagine what will happen if I were to own a credit card today.

In February 2007, I applied for a Visa Electron under Public Bank. The application is done online and the application does not require one to submit any bank statement or income slip. That makes application simpler than application for a credit card. After submitting a copy of my identification card, the registration form and depositing a minimum of RM 25 into the debit card account (I deposited more than that of course!), I finally received the card last Saturday (24 March 2007). It was shipped to me via Pos Laju. I feel this card will benefit me more than a credit card! I am glad that will not have the tendencies to make the banks richer! =) I have since attached my Visa Electron to my PayPal account.

In order to use this card, one has to deposit liquid cash into this debit card account before making payment with the cards. One can either use Public Bank’s Online Banking, ATM or PB Telebanking to transfter funds to a debit card account. Since there is a Public Bank branch nearby, I deposited some funds into my debit card account via a cash deposit machine. If you have started to overspend on your credit card, I advise you to discard your credit card and apply for a Visa Electron under Public Bank!

Click here to read more on Visa Electron by Public Bank. To apply, click here.

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  1. […] However, you may opt for a charge card or debit card if you think you will have problems with credit card repayment. For example, an Amex charge card requires you to pay in full every month. Debit cards such as Visa Electron requires you to have cash deposited into the card’s account before any transaction takes place. I personally use a Visa Electron. […]

  2. Hi Malcolm,

    Sorry to trouble you again as I am unable to find info on the Ebay community board.

    I noticed when I logged in my Paypal account, my balance was USD 0.00 (as you mentioned earlier, its normal)
    And another thing was the email besides my user name was still ( while I noticed someother ppl snapshot on their PayPal monitor screen was (
    I am wondering why my email is not (

    At the moment, I haven’t add any card into my paypal account as I am awaiting my application for the PB Visa Electron Debit card. Do you know whats wrong here? Thanks for your help.


    Hi there. Common questions related to PayPal can be found at here.
    There is nothing wrong with your email address. That email address is the main email address with you registered with PayPal. Unless you are working with PayPal, you will not have a email account.

    It takes about 3 weeks for Public Bank to process your Visa Electron online application. You will receive the card via Pos Laju in the 4th week if you opt for direct mail to your address instead of self-collection at your nearest branch.

  3. Hi Malcolm. Thanks for your reply.
    Wow! around 3-4 weeks for the card to arrived? I wish it could be earlier cos the staff told me around 2 weeks is expected.
    Well, this card (PB Visa Electron debit card), besides being able to withdraw funds from Paypal into the card,
    Is this card also capable of funding as source in our PayPal account to make payment later?

    Yes. It can be a funding source in your PayPal account. Read my post on “Common Problem of Visa Electron and PayPal Expanded Use Program

  4. Hi Malcolm,

    I would like to ask your opinion regarding PB Visa debit card. Is it advisable to link my saving account to debit card account?

    If i do link my saving account to PB debit card, once I withdraw my money from PayPal into PB debit card, will the money also automatically transfer to my PB saving account?

    If my debit card is used as my funding source in PayPal, with my saving link to debit card, will it automatically transfer my fund to my PB debit card when required? Or I still need to load the cash to my debit card manually?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    Hi Anthony,
    If you want to easily transfer funds from your savings account to your Visa Electron debit card, then it is advisable to do so. Moreover, you can do automatic topping up of your Visa Electron when it reaches a low limit.

    When you withdraw funds from your PayPal account, it goes into your Visa Electron account only.

    To your third question, PayPal will not know if your have funds in your savings account in Public Bank. However, if you have enough funds in your savings account and the last transaction trigger the topping up for you Visa Electron, then your Visa Electron should be able to fund your next payment. If you do not have enough funds in your Visa Electron although you have them in your Public Bank savings account, PayPal will consider you do not have enough funds.

    You either load cash manually or request Public Bank to enable the automatic transfer of funds to your Visa Electron. Public Bank term this transfer as “swapping of funds”.

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