Rise early..

For the past 2 weeks, I have been trying very hard to be an early riser with sufficient sleep. Call me a baby as I need 8 hours of quality sleep. I am not kidding you. With these 8 hours of good sleep, I can do wonders during the day but have to retire early.

Yesterday, my boss sent me an article by Steve Pavlina via email about rising early in the morning.

Having read this article, it reminds me how slack I am as a Muslim; sleeping after prayer at 6AM. MMU has ruined me!!

The goal for now:
a) go to bed by 9pm and wake up by 5.30am without going back to sleep after that. Hard ler…. Nevertheless, I will keep trying. Pray for me!!

The article he sent me is very insightful. I have read them. You should read them too.

Click here to read.

By the way, below is the email sent by my boss.

From: Adrian
Sent: Wednesday, May 17, 2006 12:36 AM
To: Malcolm
Subject: How to become an early riser


Dude, u might want to get up bed early. I now wake up at 7.00am every morning, and i really find it much productive. You should give it a shot.

I setting my next target at 6.30am, noticed the time i’m sending you this email? 12.35am, yeah, i’m doing some reading for Personal Development before i go to bed.

Why am i sending you this? easy, i want all of us to learn, improve together.


2 Responses to “Rise early..”

  1. a fren shared this once, according to some ancient buddhist scriptures:
    best time to sleep btw 11pm – 5am. tatz only 6 hrs,dude!

    9pm isnt that abit too early to sleep? well..i do tat at times when too tired, guess u sitting in front of comp whole day is damn tiring.

    but waking up in early morning..yeah :) it kinda invigorates u, doesnt it? i lurve mornings…

  2. haha…i cannot tahan…still need 8 hours … I am doing good. I am usually in bed at 10

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